Shopping with the Vintage Traveler, Fall 2019

It’s once again time for me to share things I spotted while shopping, but mostly did not buy. To me the purpose of “shopping” is not so mush to buy, but to learn. I always want to see something that is new-to-me. and then wonder why I had not known of this item before. Amazingly, after 40 plus years of shopping for old stuff, I’m still making marvelous discoveries.

These nylon tights are kid sized, but aren’t they fun!

I sort of wanted this folding sewing organizer, but I talked myself out of buying it because I was tired and I would have to carry it a mile or so to my car. Does anyone have and use one of these?

This was another almost purchase, but the old guys in the painting were just too intimidating.

I love these Wolf dress forms, but they take up a lot of space.

Vintage tin paint boxes are the best, especially when they are travel themed.

Crimes against accessories. Seriously, someone thought painting these 1960s shoes and handbag somehow improved them.

A seller had a whole stack of these 1970s clog/sandals from Sears. I started thinking about them later and I went back to get a pair. They are even better than you can see in my photo. The sides of the wooden soles are carved.

This peek inside a 1930s travel trailer made me want to get a vintage camper and take it on the road.

This was a counter poster showing the 1950s consumer that even movie stars wore Summerettes. I have a pair of these in red.

I thought my opthamologist needed this sign. I’m not sure he would agree.

Dress form art.

And of course there were Scotties. I have a small group of these wooden lawn art Scotties, but passed on this one.

That late 1910s Middy Girl helped to sell a lot of products, including shoes.

Oh, my! This adorable collie border print was made complete by the leashes that form the bottom of the print. This print is from the famous John Wolfe Textiles, which was known for border prints. Unfortunately, what you see in the photo is the entirety of the piece, so there’s not enough for a gathered skirt. Still, wouldn’t it make a great apron, or a pinafore for a little girl?

Okay, I bought it because I just could not leave it.

I posted this dress in my Instagram stories and people went crazy. I did not buy this because it is child sized, but I agree that it is a pretty wonderful novelty print.

I think this is a clothespin holder.

The seller was super busy and I was super tired, so this little rouge pot did not make it into my shopping bag.

And finally, what could be better than a pair of vintage water skis with a Cypress Gardens sticker?


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22 responses to “Shopping with the Vintage Traveler, Fall 2019

  1. How much was that poster thing with the pool-playing natural-form women? Because I don’t care about the intimidating patriarchy. I just love it. Darn on the busy proprietor of the “outdoor girl” rouge pot. That’s a winner, too.


  2. Constance

    Yes, I have a folding sewing organizer, like the one pictured, that I purchased at an auction yrs ago. However, mine has more spool shelves and no fabric bags at the bottom, just bare shelves. I wonder how much the seller wanted for the one you saw.


  3. Constance

    PS: I am in central Canada, a long way apart for the two items. I had thought that mine was homemade. I guess not.


  4. “The purpose of ‘shopping’ is not so much to buy…” What?! Does not compute! πŸ˜€ (Just kidding.) I agree that you can learn a lot by browsing vintage. I’ve done that too. I will definitely end up buying something to make every trip worth my while, though. I love the doggie clothes pin holder. πŸ™‚


  5. Linda Ferris

    The sewing thing is called a “sewing screen.” In the 1950’s it was a Home Bureau project. Husbands made the wooden frames and women in their Home B. groups, fitted out the inside. I have my mother’s and use it constantly. She used Sanka instant coffee jars, nailed the tops to the wooden frame and stored buttons of different colors in the jars. I’m still finding treasures in those jars.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Diane

    Love these posts.
    Almost as fun as being there!


  7. Jacq Staubs

    The tights are fun. Who made them – Danskin?


  8. Marie Gemmell

    OMG OMG – I want several.of these things! But also some I do not. Thanks for showing.xx


  9. The dog fabric is adorable…but my heart belongs to middies!


  10. I enjoyed browsing and shopping with you!


  11. Oh what fun! I do love a good flea market. I adore the Collie border fabric. Hmm, that could be a great pun – “Border Collie”! Sorry, couldn’t resist. I too have a vintage sewing caddy that has had the fabric replaced. I don’t actually use it, but it is fun to look at.


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