Vintage Miscellany – October 27, 2019

Gladys is wearing her new knickers in a way that I see so often in photos from the mid 1920s and earlier. It’s a clear lesson on choosing accessories that match the feel of one’s clothing. The casual knickers and middy look more than a little weird with her white stockings and dressy shoes. I’d love to call her up with the advice to invest in a pair of oxfords and darker hosiery.

And yes, there is some news…


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5 responses to “Vintage Miscellany – October 27, 2019

  1. Jacq Staubs

    As you have followed this so closely – it is not the norm from all of the photos. The white stocking has appeared often -we in fashion used it in the 60’s with the mini length dresses and skirts. And again in the late 70’s when the knickers reappeared.I remember in 76 . That Fall using them for holiday with black velvet knickers and accompanying short crop bolero toreador jackets.I think it was with a designer collection – Kaper. F fundraising or the W E T A .The knickers in sportswear reappeared as well.One of Ralph Lauren’s first women’s collections. They assesoriszed with a lighter cable stitched stocking.


    • True, and I think it’s the use of fabric and texture that makes the difference. I can remember the knickers with cable knit tights, and it was the heavier texture that gave the tights a “country” look. Velvet would require a lighter hosiery. I think the young woman in my photo looks “off” because the light stockings are pair with heavy canvas knickers.


  2. Wonder if this gal is Gladys Florence Kunstmann (Birth 1909, Illinois, United States, Death 1994, Aged 86)
    One wonders what the occasion was for taking this photo.


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