The Rest of the Story – Collection Updates

It probably does not surprise any reader here that I keep a detailed list of things I hope to find. Most of these are items that would fill a gap in my collection, such as an important bathing suit style of which I have no example. For this type of thing I keep a close eye on sellers on Instagram, and I do regular web shop searches.

But much more often I find things through serendipity, in other words, I pull an item from the Goodwill bins. This scarf is an example. Scarves are a good find at my bins. I’ll never have to buy another wool scarf, as I have so many I’ve bought for my own use. Still, I can’t help but look at any that turn up in the bins.

Back in August I wrote about our trip to Berea and seeing the student weaving operation there. So yes, I was pretty happy to find this vintage Berea College Student Industries scarf in the bins last week. Wool scarves can be difficult to date, but something about this one points to the 1940s.

Some time ago I wrote about my desire to own a Catalina bathing suit made from California Hand Print fabric. These come on the market quite rarely, and they are never cheap, so I’ve been biding my time, waiting for the perfect suit.

Catalina did a great job of advertising these suits, and so most of the designs are well documented. At the top of my wishlist was this suit from 1951, and I jumped into action when Cheshire Vintage posted one on Instagram. So, another gap filled, much to my delight. Now to locate the men’s matching set!



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13 responses to “The Rest of the Story – Collection Updates

  1. wonderful item. congrats on your find. at first I was excited to see that the model has white hair, but then realized it’s likely supposed to be blonde as this is a two-color ad. they both look horribly sunburned! Looking closely, he even has manly leg fur! what a hoot.


  2. The art work on the ad is excellent also. The bathing suit is wonderful. My best friend’s Mom growing up was at Berea. They also made brooms that were widely sold and used. I enjoy your blog. Thank you!


  3. I didn’t know you also collected menswear! I’ll bet that BAM (Bramlett Archive and Museum) has a wonderful list of objects. Won’t you share someday?


  4. Jacq Staubs

    Certainly a time capsule.


  5. Eric Smith

    Wonderful suit. I am just a little disappointed that they played it safe, and the flags do not spell anything…


  6. What fantastic and fitting finds for your collection!



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