Vintage Miscellany – May 27, 2020

I hope that this finds all of you well. I hope that if you do go to the beach, that you are like the two women above. Keep your family to yourselves, and no one gets hurt.

I have been writing these Vintage Miscellany posts since June, 2010. That’s almost ten years, but in internet years it’s many, many more.  I know I’ve posted in the past that I get most of the links from Twitter. Twitter has always been a great place for gathering information, but unfortunately, it is now a place where the most vile falsehoods are being allowed to be posted by those in power. So until Twitter does something about the crazed posting by the president of the USA, I’ll no longer be using the platform.

Unfortunately, that means I will have to really cut back on posting links to fashion history and fashion issues articles. I do hope to do posts on fashion exhibitions and events once the world returns to some sort of normality. I’m not holding my breath.

So, here’s the last Vintage Miscellany as we have known it until the world is once again made safe for Twitter.


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8 responses to “Vintage Miscellany – May 27, 2020

  1. jacq staubs

    I hope this does not mean -no more posts period! I have been “punished” by twitter for speaking my mind against the falsehoods of this dictatorship – even using polite language. You will continue your regular postings? Is this just miscellany ?

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  2. I’d like to send you a private email about a clothing item you might be interested in. Can’t seem to find out how to do that. Thanks.


  3. Mary B.

    Thank you for being authentic. I’m there with you. Plus I am such a fan of your blog, thank you for writing it.

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  4. Well ….. yes, I totally understand about Twitter. I no longer live in the US, I live in France, and watching from afar I wonder what has happened to my country that this is happening. Thank you for standing up. Loved this post, I have seen Bayeux in person, and also the Unicorn, but did not know about this apocalypse tapestry. I’ve spent time near Angers and would certainly have made a point of seeing it, had I known it was there. That any of the tapestries have survived is amazing.
    bonnie in provence


  5. Renita

    It only takes 1 rotten person to spoil the WHOLE country😫
    Love your posts!! Renita in NC


  6. Good for you, Lizzie Bramlett. And, consider Instagram. I find wonderful vintage photos and links there.


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