Shopping with The Vintage Traveler, Late Fall, 2020

Most of the actual buying of things for my collection over the past nine months have occurred online. And while I wouldn’t go near the door of a big box store at this point in time, I have found that large antique malls (many located in defunct big box store buildings) are easy places in which to avoid my fellow humans. They are huge spaces with few people. These places have been little spots of paradise for a lover of old things like me.

I try to make each trip count, taking my time to closely examine the goods. Most of the photos in this post were taken in antique malls in Greenville, SC, where I recently met friend Liza. I know that some people refuse to shop with another vintage buyer, but I find shopping with Liza enhances the shopping experience. She sees things I miss, and it’s fun discussing interesting objects.

Magazines were favorites of mine, and I can’t resist a browse through one that may have articles of interest. The American Girl was the magazine of the Girl Scouts of America, and I always look through them, but rarely buy.

I really wanted this sweater box. I was too cheap to pay the $75 price.

I find kid’s middy-inspired outfits to be really interesting, as the middy trend in kid’s clothing and that of young women happened pretty much at the same time. I have to make myself calm down and put the credit card away. I simply can’t add any more categories to my collecting. Still, I loved this little wool sailor suit so much.

Another category I resist is that of kid’s toys, no matter how much they excite me.

This was really nice. It’s a counter card, with Vogue telling the college girls what she must have for the fall semester.

Electric shoe inserts?

Electric footwear dryers!

I want all the threads.

I liked this skates box, but after seeing the sweater one above, I just could not get excited about it.

South Carolina antique stores often have relics of the textile boom of the past. Interestingly and sadly, this great photo was not for sale.

This is an ink blotter, a common advertising giveaway of the past. It’s interesting because the galoshes have clip closures. In the 1920s Goodyear became one of the first companies to use zippers on a large scale – in their galoshes.

I’m a sucker for Christmas graphics that prominently feature blue.

Sidesaddle riders intrigue me.

I really could collect antique sewing machines.

I’m sort of regretful at leaving this beauty behind.

And finally, a great example of a Beacon blanket robe. I have a soft spot for these because after the mid 1920s the fabric was manufactured down the rode from me in Swannanoa, NC. I have an idea for a really niche Instagram – Beacon robe spottings in old movies and TV shows. It’s amazing how often I spot them.


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17 responses to “Shopping with The Vintage Traveler, Late Fall, 2020

  1. Vicky Loebel

    Love that sweater box! But $75 – whew. Good thing I’m only an imaginary


  2. allwaysinfashion

    Fortunately for my bank account sometimes taking a picture is enough. It’s harder, though, to resist buying the magazines.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Christine Seid

    So much fun to shop vicariously with you!! Thank you.


  4. jacq staubs

    What a treat! I know what you referring to -shopping with the right kind of shopping buddy- I had/have 2 that were perfectly suited with me on these expeditions. It simply makes the entire experience worthwhile. Your Greenville S.C. Store is probably the last of the best/ last left. Liza looks like a character actress from Ms. Marple! Just great! Love the robe with the braided belt with tassel. I want it! You featured a post on these blanket robes? Have a safe & wonderful Christmas. Thank you for this it is reassuring to know all is not gone when so much has disappeared.


  5. seweverythingblog

    Love this post! I, too, collect old fashion magazines — shows a slice of fashion life in America in that period. Love the Vogue advice page for college girls 😀 .


  6. Nann

    What a great antiques mall! I haven’t been antiques-shopping in ages. I had a subscription to American Girl when I was in 4th and 5th grade. I didn’t know what the ads for Modess and Kotex were.


  7. Okay, you have me stumped. You say it was hard to leave this beauty behind. A circular gold metal contraption on top of a metal cushion. Humour an old lady here and tell me what it is! Happy holidays. Love snoop shopping with you, these posts always make my day!


  8. Pam in Virginia

    I think that might be a Beacon Blanket Robe that is seen (worn by different characters) in some of the “Green Acres” episodes of the 1960s.



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