A Mountain Goat?

This photo was a gift from Janey who writes The Atomic Redhead. There was just enough information written on the back of the photo to piece together a bit of a history. It reads, “A mountain goat? Jackie Moore (later Husen)” Quite remarkably, I found two more photos of Jackie, one on Pinterest; the other on Flickr. It appears that whoever had these photos of Jackie had the good habit of labeling them.

An internet search brought up a Jackie Husen Park in Portland, Oregon. I posted all this info with the photo on Instagram, where @truevtgfashion recognized the park as being near her home. She found that, “Jackie Husen Park, named for a long-time local resident whose husband made the property available to the district.”

Another Instagram user, @k.stone.707, found Jackie on Ancestry.com. She was Jacqueline Adelle Moore, who married Carl Calvin Husen in 1946. She was born in 1926, and died in 2000. She was listed on Findagrave.com, where I learned that Carl died in 2006.

Okay, so I have no details about who Jackie was as a person, but looking at this photos of her, taken when she was probably between 18 and 20, we can see that she had an adventurous side. She knew how to put together a great casual outfit. And she had a lovely smile.


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4 responses to “A Mountain Goat?

  1. jacq staubs

    Being the son of a Jackie born in 1926 and married in’46 and also a “mountain goat” with a lovely smile – not surprised with her great style! Never underestimate those Jack’s / jacqueline’s ! Ofun Lizzie!


  2. I’ll repeat the lesson you offered on Instagram–label those family photos so that someone can trace them!


  3. Connie Turner

    Fun post thanks very much.


  4. jacq staubs

    Lizzie i do not have your email? Lost on my information / contacts! I have an important obit to share with you! Please contact me – f you are interested – thanks, Jacq


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