Shopping with the Vintage Traveler

This fall I was finally able to attend my beloved Liberty Antiques Festival. It felt so normal being out in the field with other collectors enjoying seeing so much great old stuff. I stood by this tray of compacts, but eventually talked myself out of buying another Scottie.

I love old buttons, especially when they are still on the original card. The rule is to always look through a basket of sewing stuff. You never know what is lurking behind the rickrack and seam tape.

I’ll admit that I almost bought this Victorian Christmas picture, The dog was cute and the price was right. But I already have plenty of Christmas stuff.

I liked the cute graphics, but I have a similar pair of skates, so I left them as well.

I have already shown this dress, so you may remember that I did end up buying it. At first I thought I’d be happy leaving it and its issues for some other lover of old clothes, but the dealer saw my interest and made me an offer I could not refuse.

This is a rubber floormat, and it is not terribly old, but only the price kept me from buying it.

I wanted this, but the condition was poor, with ink scribbles and cracking vinyl. Still, I did love that Snoopy.

I hope some real football fan bought this fabulous poster.

I’d never before seen this Enid Collins design. There must have been 1000s of different designs.

If anyone can tell me what this is, I’d be most appreciative.

I loved these bowling shoes, but couldn’t justify their purchase.

I love old sewing stands. This one was a real temptation, but where would I put it?

And finally, for the biker who has everything.

Here’s to more shopping in 2022!


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27 responses to “Shopping with the Vintage Traveler


    Love the Scottie! Really unusual on a compact? Have a safe / happy holiday I have a catalog t- you will like i think-please let me knoiw – will text you photo of cover


  2. Rennies

    what did you come away with – was it just the dress and buttons ; ) intrigued ?


    • Nothing else in these photos. I did get a Brooke Cadwallader scarf, several vintage LLBean catalogs, a booklet about the textile industry in Gastonia, NC, a photo of 3 1920s women in fishing gear, and an advertisement featuring sledders,


  3. Christine Seid

    It’s always a pleasure armchair shopping with you, especially the day after Christmas sitting in a sunny window with my feet on an ottoman. You come across the most interesting finds. I so enjoy seeing them and your good descriptions and your reserve in purchasing.


  4. Mary Jane Enros

    Always enjoy seeing what tempted you! Great choices!


  5. Laura

    I had that Snoopy Seabag! I was the envy og Girl Scout Camp. You could never go wrong with Snoopy. Which was good, because i was a shy , awkward child, who never had the “right” clothes or arranged them into the ” right” outfits. I waited to make sure the other campers really liked the bag before admitting i also liked it. It was some kind of plastic, to put your wet bathing suit and things in. I had it for years untill it sort of dissolved, the way old plastic does. Likely it came from Kmart or Sears. Or was a hand me down from a cousin. But seeing it there, i can SMELL it.( In a good way)

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  6. Laura

    The bust is of a football player from the 1950s, J Deal. Heres his wiki. Maybe he did an advertising endorsement?


  7. The skates reminded me of a change I took for granted (but didn’t appreciate) in the fifties: the skates which had clipped securely onto my leather Buster Brown oxford shoes with leather soles did NOT clip safely onto my new tennis shoes! They slid off. Although I had already earned my Scout badge in roller skating, I think that my switch from skating to bicycling occurred then. Adieu to the need to keep track of my skate key, which we wore in a string or ribbon around our necks (along with a house key in the case of latchkey children.) In the 1950s, my own house was not locked…. How many memories can be triggered by a vintage item!


  8. susansnow007

    Thanks so much for sharing. I just love vicarious flea market shopping! Please share some more! All the best.


  9. ceci

    This is fun, a shopping trip through your eyes.



  10. I think you will regret not buying that Scottie compact!

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  11. My mother grew up roller skating with skates like those. She kept trying to get us interested but it never took. I look forward to your “window” shopping in 2022!


  12. Melanie

    I wonder if the bust looks too old to be 1950’s, especially with the tunic that has the 2 rows of vertical buttons. I am thinking a WW1/1920/1930’s aviator or possibly to advertise motorcycling accessories.

    Maybe J Deal is the manufacturer

    Melanie from NZ


  13. Oh, I might have bought the football poster for my son who attended what later became Washington State University (formerly State College of WA) and is still quite the Cougs football fan. He would have admonished me for wasting my money, but been secretly pleased that his University Of Washington alumna mom bought it for him. (shhhh go cougs) As it is, I am copying the photo to send him for NYD.
    All the best for a new year we can enjoy with all our peers and pals.


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