1963 AMF Bowling Shoes

I’ve had these cute bowling shoes for some time. I thought they were pretty fashionable for bowling shoes, which, honestly, tend to be a bit dowdy, and also a bit hard to place a date on. To me these looked like any other stylish early 1960s shoe, so that’s how I labeled them.

Once again I’ve gotten lucky with my new stash of old magazines. Interestingly, I found this ad in the same November, 1963 Seventeen as I spotted the White Stag set I posted about a few weeks ago. It confirmed what I thought about the shoes – that they dated to the early 1960s, and that they were more fashionable than the average bowling shoe.

“AMF presents a brilliant new Fashion Line of accessories. Bowling bags and shoes that coordinate beautifully with “Magic Line” balls.”

Of course that means I’ll be on the lookout for the matching bag. I’ll probably pass on the ball though.

And while my shoes are really great, I don’t think anything can top those leopard print shoes and bag.

My shoes have the AMF logo printed inside. I had no idea that AMF stood for American Machine and Foundry.

You can’t see in the ad the great detail of how the black cord is woven through little cutout circles.

It’s always nice to have one’s thoughts regarding date validated by a primary source. When the internet first started gathering like-minded vintage sellers and collectors together, I had a touch of imposter syndrome. Even though I had been buying and collecting old clothes for years, it seemed like everyone else knew more than I did. It took a while before I became confident enough to confidently post my opinions in public. I no longer suffer doubts, but it’s still a good feeling seeing proof in black and white.


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2 responses to “1963 AMF Bowling Shoes

  1. Debs C

    I too have an interest in fashion and often thought, just as you did, that others had more knowledge – some do, some don’t and that’s how it has always been with a subject. I found that many post too quickly online, without checking their facts or indeed doing any research of any kind and that perhaps, others fail to correct a post for fear of seeming petty for doing so and just leave the posts hanging virtually! I enjoy your blog because you chase down a history and that’s important on the web, where too many believe the first thing they see on a page must be the truth and we have a responsibility for those that will read our words in the future. As for the magazines and the shoes, they are very stylish and good luck with your search for the bag.

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  2. You with imposter syndrome? A goddess of vintage knowledge!


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