Shopping with the Vintage Traveler

It’s time to go shopping and to see what caught my eye, but not my pocketbook.

The graphics on this box of “Tannic Spray” are so great. But what the heck is tannic spray? Was it a bark derivative meant to turn one’s skin to leather? In that case, it’s not needed, because the sun can accomplish that on its own.

I thought this tin of cotton plucks was also nice. I wonder what the cost of this tin of cotton was as opposed to plain old cotton balls.

These two look cute in their little middy suits, bobbed hair, and boots, but just wait until it’s 1926. I see fun times in their futures.

I believe this is a lap desk. I’m not really a fan of cats, but Corticelli Silk used the feline image to advantage.

At first I thought this was a table decoration for a baby shower, but then I saw the Stork Club label. It’s a bud vase that graced the tables at the famed New York club.

Pretty maids all in a row.

Is she driving an automobile, or is it an aeroplane? Either way, it seems to be an odd subject for the inside of a bowl.

The skiing graphic caught my eye, and I probably would have bought these had they not been a bit pricy. I could have used these last week when the temperature here got down to 0* F.

I loved these boots, but they were made for a little boy. What a shame to waste all that style on a kid who just wanted a good boot to tramp around in.

What a wonderful print, made before women caught the biking bug.

I’m a real sucker for patterns that are printed on fabric. I think it stems back to my childhood when I would buy preprinted Barbie clothes to cut out and sew together. But this apron is a generation or two earlier, dating to the 1930s when flour and sugar companies were using the sacks in which they packaged their product as a marketing tool. Someone actually started embroidering this apron, but never finished. What a great artifact!

A Happy New Year to you all! May your vintage shopping trips bring treasures into your lives.


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7 responses to “Shopping with the Vintage Traveler

  1. Back in the mid ’60s we used baby oil mixed with iodine as “sun tan lotion”. Of course that just greased us up for a good fry while dyeing our skin at the same time. I wonder if your “tannic” spray was the same principle.



    Fun stuff! Happy ( let’s hope) New Year!O


  3. Since the printed feedsack is for an apron, then “gray shorts” are a term for the feed/grain/whatever — but what is a gray short?
    P.S. It’s always fun to read your shopping posts!


  4. The apron is such a fascinating artifact!

    And I always like the overly serious Corticelli cats. They seem morally conflicted about their yarn-chasing instincts.

    And as for the hats — what a splendid collection!


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