Horst P. Horst: Essence of the Times

On my recent visit to Atlanta’s SCAD FASH, I also saw an exhibition of the work of photographer Horst. P. Horst. You may not recognize Horst’s name, but if you have spent any time at all looking at fashion magazines from the 1930s through the early 90s, chances are you have seen his work.

I’ve consumed a lot of fashion media, and so I was familiar with many of the photos shown. The one above from 1940, was a Vogue cover. Horst often photographed women in sportswear.

If you are on Instagram, you cannot have avoided seeing this image from 1939.

And here’s more red and white, this time from 1941.

Horst continued to shoot stunning swimsuit photos until the end of his career. This one was made in 1987.

This photo was another Vogue cover, 1939.

I don’t pretend to know how Horst made this image of model Muriel Maxwell. (She’s also in images 2 and 5.)

If not for the other exhibition, Madame Grès: The Art of Draping , I’d have missed this show. That would have been a shame, because seeing so many (eight-one in all) of Horst’s photos, all reproduced in large scale, was a real treat.

There’s nothing like seeing actual clothing to help me understand what a designer, or era, or design movement was all about. But the visual representation of fashion in art is still a valuable experience. I love being able to combine the two in one museum visit, and SCAD FASH made it easy because in both exhibitions there were Horst photos of Madame Grès and her work.

Icing on the cake!


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  1. Trish S

    Wow that sounds like an amazing exhibition. The fashion photos are so inventive, and the poses!

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