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Ballantyne Cashmere for 1965 at N. Peal

N. Peal was established in 1936 by Nat Peal, and was located at the prestigious address of the Burlington Arcade in London. It sold cashmere and other wool sweaters, all made in the UK. Today, N. Peal is still in … Continue reading


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Project: Cashmere Hoodie with Patches

I haven’t showed off a project recently, partly because I have been working on this one for almost two months.  Yes, I am slow. All the materials came from my local Goodwill bins – cashmere hoodie, embroidery thread, background fabric, … Continue reading


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Irene Brown Cashmere Sweater for Golfer

  I’ve been on a lucky streak online recently, as far as finding great stuff for my collection.  Above you can see my new favorite, bought off eBay from seller lindys4sale.  It is cashmere, and is decorated with velveteen appliques, … Continue reading


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Ad Campaign – Dalton Cashmere, 1956

The Dalton Twins Dash from Desk to Date. Wendy is Dalton’s captivating sweater of 100% pure imported cashmere… color matched with its own slim svelte skirt of Stroock’s pure cashmere or cashmere blends. Dalton was founded in 1949 by Arthur Dery … Continue reading


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Cashmere + Harris Tweed

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m not always a fan of “re-purposing.”  I’ve seen too many projects gone wrong, and too many nice vintage pieces ruined to wholeheartedly embrace the movement.  Of course, there was a time, … Continue reading


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Ad Campaign – Dalton Cashmere, 1955

This is CELESTE by DALTON… the slim and sinuous sweater that takes a fresh look at Spring! Gracefully styled of pure and precious 100% imported cashmere. Since yesterday’s post was about Hadley Cashmere, I thought today I’d talk a bit … Continue reading


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Vintage Cashmere Buying Guide

Today I’ll be talking more about vintage cashmere.  The ad above is a great one to lead into the topic.  It is from 1955:  The slim and sinuous sweater that takes a fresh look at spring! One of the great things about vintage cashmere … Continue reading


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