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1920s Middy and Skirt in Lavender

I had been thinking about middy dresses ever since I found a book on the National Park Seminary for Girls.  In the book the teenage girls are all wearing what was an unofficial uniform for girls at many private schools. … Continue reading


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Lombard Middy Blouses for the College Girl

The middy blouse is one of those garments that today we have sort of pushed to the side and forgotten.  Ever since it went out of favor in the late 1920s, the middy has made a reappearance from time to … Continue reading


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The Middy: From Function to Fashion

So, how did the blouse of a sailor’s uniform, otherwise called a middy (as they were worn by midshipmen) become the basis of a dress recently worn by the Duchess of Cambridge?  Well it actually started with the British royal … Continue reading


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White and Navy, The Middy Up-dated

It’s not often that I comment on what a celebrity is wearing, just because I feel that why bother when Tom and Lorenzo are in the world.  But I just have to say a few words about this fabulous dress … Continue reading


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New Folkwear Pattern – The Metro Middy Blouse

You all know how I love a great middy blouse, so I was tickled to see Folkwear’s latest pattern, an up-dated middy.   This one would be great as a blouse, as seen on the left, but I really love … Continue reading


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Remembering the Middy

You don’t read much about middies these days.  After all, they haven’t been a real fashion item since they made a brief comeback sometime in the mid 1980s.  But I got curious about the middy after Maggie at denisebrain and … Continue reading

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Vintage Miscellany – October 27, 2019

Gladys is wearing her new knickers in a way that I see so often in photos from the mid 1920s and earlier. It’s a clear lesson on choosing accessories that match the feel of one’s clothing. The casual knickers and … Continue reading


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