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Dating the Swirl Wrap Dress

Usually when you see a Swirl dress advertised, it is described as being from the 1950s.  However, the Swirl wrap dress was made starting in 1944, and its manufacture continued at least through the 1960s and possibly even into the … Continue reading


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The Swirl Wrap Dress

Today I have another of the articles I wrote several years ago for my website.  I hope you enjoy it. The Swirl wrap dress story starts in Philadelphia with the L. Nachman and Son Company, which was located at 10th … Continue reading


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1940s Swirl Wrap Dress

Last week when I asked for some photos of Swirl wrap dresses, I knew I’d get some really nice ones.  The one I’m showing today is from Jezebel Amazon, a collector who has ten Swirls in her closet!  I wanted … Continue reading


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Swirl Ballerina Dress

photo copyright of Vintage The internet never fails to amaze me.   I posted an ad for a Swirl dress that had a distinctive ballerina print, and two days later I have not one, but two photographs of Swirl … Continue reading


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Ad Campaign – Swirl Wrap Dress, 1950s

walk into it… button once… wrap and tie… How could there be a simpler way to get dressed?  Even in the 1950s, women looked for ways to simplify their busy lives, and the Swirl wrap dress people used that as … Continue reading


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The Swirl of My Dreams

NOTE:  I originally posted this in the fall of 2007, but decided to repost it because so many of you admired the print.  So here are some close-up photos, and a little more about Swirl. I’ve been a fan of … Continue reading

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What Is a Swirl Dress Worth?

photo copyright Pintucks Vintage I visit several online forums that discuss historic and vintage clothing.  On one of them recently, there has been quite a bit of talk about value.  Since this forum is frequented by both buyers and sellers … Continue reading


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