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Wardrobe Magic from Bobbie Brooks, 1964

I recently got this great little promotional book from Bobbie Brooks.  You younger readers probably know Bobbie Brooks only as a Walmart brand, or maybe as just one of the many cheap lines that thrift stores are so full of.  … Continue reading


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Ad Campaign – Bobbie Brooks, 1960

Going Places with Bobbie Brooks go-togethers Arrive in style via spice-colored brushed wools… the soft purr of sweaters traveling atop sleek skirts… to mix and match for your very own day-time, date-time, play-time Wardrobe Magic. We all enjoyed the green … Continue reading


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Goodrich Sports Shoes, 1930s

Remember how stores used to have good stuff to give away, stuff provided by companies whose products were sold in the stores?  When I was a kid I loved going to the shoe department of Sears because every month they … Continue reading


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Interview with Juli Lynne Charlot

As promised, I want to share what I learned from my interview with designer Juli Lynne Charlot.  Most vintage collectors know Charlot as the designer of some of the very best and most clever skirts to come out of the … Continue reading


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