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Moore Gymwear Catalog, 1962

You young readers who never had the privilege of wearing a gymsuit at school really missed out on one of life’s great humbling experiences.   Not only that, but the horrors of the wearing of the gymsuit are a unifying … Continue reading


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1920s Man O’ War Gymsuit

A few weeks ago when I received the pink bathing cap from Karen at Small Earth Vintage, I was surprised and delighted by her inclusion of an older gymsuit.  The poor thing was in excellent shape except that a former owner tried to … Continue reading


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Evolution of the Gymsuit

Amelia Bloomer in her famous Freedom Costume Courtesy of the Seneca Falls Historical Society Quite unbelievably, our local schools start tomorrow.  If I were still teaching I’d be terribly upset, but since I’m not I thought I’d add insult to … Continue reading


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Gymsuit Trauma

I guess it wasn’t enough that I have a “new” 1865 exercise dress, and a 1915 gymsuit, I also have a new 1940s one, thanks to my good friend Amanda, who resides in Vermont.  She actually got this at a … Continue reading

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Victorian Exercise Dress and Edwardian Gymsuit

I was recently able to purchase fourteen pieces of vintage sportswear.  The family of a  long-time collector of historical dress was selling her collection due to illness.  They hired a person to inventory the collection, who contacted me.  From the … Continue reading


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Gym Class, 1940s

I got this gym suit from my favorite vintage clothing store some time ago.  It’s very similar to the kind my mother wore in the late 1940s.  Actually, it’s a dress, with little matching bloomer pants beneath.  There is a … Continue reading


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Gym Class ~ Mars Hill College ~ Early 1920s

And to think that I thought my 1960s gym suit was tacky! This photo was taken at Mars Hill College, which is just north of Asheville, NC, around 1922. The bloomers don’t do much for these young ladies, but I … Continue reading

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