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Ad Campaign – Oshkosh Luggage, 1937

She always goes high-hat when she carries Oshkosh!

Don’t blame this poor camel for “putting on airs”… Oshkosh luggage seems to have that effect on man or beast.



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Liberty’s 1937

The lovely things are at Liberty’s

For anyone interested in textiles who is traveling to London, a visit to the wonderful Liberty store on Great Marlborough Street is a must.  The store itself is amazing, with the nooks and crannies filled with the most wonderful scarves and accessories made from Liberty fabrics, not to mention the fabrics themselves.  And for those not lucky enough to visit the store personally, there is the catalog.

Liberty was opened in 1875, and by the 1880s, the store was putting out a catalog.  The modern catalogs are beautifully done, with each page designed to make you feel like you *need* the latest Liberty watch or scarf or note cards.  But to me, the vintage catalogs are even more special, with each page a delightful assortment of the type of goods that made Liberty famous.

As you might imagine, I was thrilled to find this catalog from 1937.  It’s filled with the types of things I love to find. As the catalog copy puts it:

Think of something rare and beautiful – we sell it.  Think of something pretty and cheap – we sell it.  Think of  something especially fashionable – here it is.  Think of something worthy to present to the person you love best in the world (or to yourself) – we have a dozen of them.

So sit back and enjoy “shopping” in Liberty’s, circa 1937.  Click on each page for a larger view.

And come back tomorrow for a short history of Liberty of London and a view of some of the beautiful printed fabrics.


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Ad Campaign – 1937 Jantzen Swimwear

In the late 1930s swimsuit makers were experimenting with new fabric for their products.  For years, knit wool had been the mainstay of the swimwear industry, but new products like lastex were bringing big changes to the industry.

But the swimsuit makers were not quite ready to give up on wool.  they worked with developing new knitting techniques to improve the elasticity of the product, and they were somewhat successful.

Kava knit fabrics of luxurious quick-drying wool in beautiful new weaves have knitted-in perfection of fit that achieve slender “girdle-fit” for women – and trim athletic lines for men.

In that one sentence, the ad addresses the 2 big issues of wool swimwear – it was slow to dry and the fit was droopy.

I was excited to find this ad because I have a version of the swimsuit in the upper left.  It is the “Up-lifter”, in which the name of the suit says it all.

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Ad Campaign – Lincoln-Zephyr, 1937

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Ad Campaign – Chesterfields 1937

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Vogue, July 1937

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Sanitorium or Sunny Cruise?

This great image is from a 1937 ad for the Italian Line of ocean liners.  Their ads from the late 1930s seemed to always feature blue ocean and a ship bathed in sunlight.  It’s especially appealing since our weather here in the East has been frigid the entire month of January.  Most years we have a few days of 60 degree temperatures, but it wasn’t until yesterday that we reached that mark.  It was an extraordinary day, with crystal blue skys and a mild breeze.

Today, we were back to the ice box, but despite a forecast for overcast skys, there was plenty of that beautiful sunshine.  I decided to take a few minutes and pretend I was on this ship sailing into the sun.  So I got out the electric blanket, set my lawn chair in a sunny corner of the porch, wrapped up and enjoyed being an ocean liner passenger.  Then my husband appeared and asked why I was pretending to be a TB patient at a sanitorium!


Posted by Katherine:

You crack me up! I’m sitting here alone at my computer laughing out loud at your last line and wishing someone were here to laugh with me. Your husband is a hoot! Wrapping up in a blanket and sitting in the January sun pretending to be on an ocean liner – splendid idea! I’m going to try it out on my patio as soon as the foot of snow there melts. That could be May though, since I’m in Boston and we are expecting another 8″ tomorrow. I think I’ll put on my ocean soundscdand go sit on the heat vent. I’ll pretend I’m basking on a beach in 1937 Havana.

Tuesday, January 27th 2009 @ 7:18 AM

Posted by Lizzie:

Katherine, that’s funny! I should have thought of the ocean sounds CD. And I’ll take Havanna over the sanitorium any day.

Tuesday, January 27th 2009 @ 7:12 PM


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