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Ad Campaign – Maidenform 1951

I dreamed I was bewitching in my Maidenform bra.

This dream goes out at night!  Was there ever such artful magic?  Me… marvelously molded, abra-ca-da-BRA-ed to beauty by my Maidenform bra.  If you’ve dreamed of being bewitching… let your dream come to life with Maidenform.

This October 1951 ad shows probably the most un-witchy witch imaginable with her pretty smiling face.  But at least the props are there – the broom and the cone for a hat.

The I Dreamed ad campaign was one of the longest ever running campaigns for a clothing brand, starting in the late 1940s and lasting through the mid 1960s.  The Maidenform wearer dreamed of everything from sailing down the Nile to being a mermaid.

So, anyone know the slogan that replaced  I Dreamed I…?

To see more of this famous ad campaign...


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Ad Campaign – Hanes Hosiery, 1951

It time for Fashion Week, so follow the fashion leaders…smart coming…and going!

Hanes is one of those old North Carolina companies that seems to have been around forever.  Founded in 1901 in Winston-Salem (a city more famous for tobacco than for textiles) brothers John Wesley Hanes and PH Hanes both started knitting mills in the early years of the 20th century.  John’s factory, Shamrock Mills,  made socks, while broth PH’s plant, PH Hanes Knitting Company,  made cotton knit underwear.  Shamrock was renamed as Hanes Hosiery Mill in 1914, and a few years later they switched from men’s socks to women’s hosiery.  They were an early user of nylon when it was introduced to the market in 1939, and they were quick  to embrace the seamless stocking in the early 1950s.

In 1965 the two companies merged to form Hanes Corporation, and in 1979 the company was bought by Sara Lee.       Before too many years the giant knitting plants in Winston-Salem and across the piedmont of North Carolina were dismantled and sent to Central American countries.  Then in the 2000s, production was moved primarily to China.

Very little Hanes production remains in the US, but they do buy their cotton yarn from Parkdale Mills, which operates around two dozen spinning mills in the South.


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Charm, May, 1951

Two weeks with pay: All fashion, All vacation issue


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Vogue, July 1951

I chose this particular Vogue cover for this Saturday’s magazine cover because it has so much in common with the one I posted last week.  Both covers have the models’ heads  swathed in fabric.  In this shot the stylist has made a bit of an eye shade with the scarf.  Very chic!


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Seventeen, May 1951

If you look closely at the full skirt, you might be able to pick out the words, “I Love You”, which are applied in felt.  All the separates are by Junior First, a label I’ve never encountered, but they are really adorable.    Also note, they are on a ship.  According to the cover notes, it is the S.S. Queen of Bermuda.  I’m jealous.


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Vogue, April 15, 1951

In keeping with last week’s theme of sunny colors, here’s a lovely layout from 1951.  The color scheme of the textile is totally unexpected, but I love how the cool purple balances the super warm red, orange and yellow.    Too marvelous for words!


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US Kedettes Capri Clogs, 1951

Are these as cute as I think they are?  Sometimes I think I may be overly influenced by the messages sent by the advertising.  In the above ad from 1951, the image of the little colorful boats awaiting their turn, ready to enter Capri’s Blue Grotto hits my travel bug hard.  So I’m thinking maybe I’m being swayed by what I would like to be doing while wearing thess Capri Clogs, rather than being in love with the shoes themselves.

Then I take another look at them, and think, “Naw.. it’s the shoes!”


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