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Bermuda Cruise: 1938

“AZURE SKIES, turquoise seas, golden sunshine…and half the colors of the rainbow going down the gangplank to met the other half on the dock! Colorful as a Bermuda arrival are the new soft shades of Hockanum Woolens for Spring!”

Yes, I’m still in cruise mode, still lazing on the incredible Lido deck of my imagination.  Above, more from 1937 in the form of an ad featuring Hockanum woolens.

I have this great little booklet, Travel and Vacation Clothes: Journal School of Fashion, that was published in 1938.  From the section on Seagoing clothes:

“Nowhere on earth are the right clothes more important than on board ship; and nowhere are the wrong ones more conspicuous and uncomfortable.  The right clothes at sea mean the time-honored classics, such as good tweeds and sweaters, simple wool, cotton, linen dresses, felt hats, wool scarves, low-heeled shoes.  All these eternally right clothes are “naturals” on a ship.  If you’re to be a “seasoned traveler,” whether on a trip to Europe or a tropical cruise, you’ll stick to these experienced travel clothes.”


Posted by Travel Over 30s:

That’s priceless information- no doubt they wore stockings most of the time as well:)I remember my Godmother seeing me off in the 1980s on a long-haul flight mentioning how when she travelled a lot in the 1930s you always your best clothes- but there again they got more legroom those days! Lis

Sunday, January 25th 2009 @ 10:10 PM

Posted by Lizzie:

Lis, the booklet actually addresses stockings: “Take plenty of stockings. Don’t count on finding your favorite brand in foreign shops. A good rule is at least one pair of everyday stockings for every week you’re to be gone..\  Add to this three pairs of sheer ones for evening.”

Tuesday, January 27th 2009 @ 7:17 PM

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