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Remembering Berry Berenson

In the ten years since 9/11/01, I’ve thought many times of Berry Berenson.  To me,  a teen in the early 1970s, she and her sister Marisa were two of the coolest creatures to inhabit the earth.  Marisa was a model, and Berry the photographer who captured the lifestyle of her sister and their famous friends.  Celebrities today pale in comparison to the Berenson girls.

As the years went by, I forgot about the Berenson sisters.  Berry’s name resurfaced in the early 1990s when her husband, Anthony Perkins, died of AIDS.  Later,  I was surprised to learn that the sisters were actually Elsa Schiaparelli’s granddaughters.   Imagine their childhood memories!

Ten years ago, just as the surreal events of September 11th were beginning to sink in, I read the news that Berry had been aboard the first plane to hit the World Trade Center.

In remembrance of her,  enjoy the young and beautiful Berry, featured in a  photo spread from the August 1, 1972 issue of Vogue.  

Vogue, August 1, 1972.


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