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Ad Campaign – Lincoln, 1937

Certain fortunate people combine knowledge that comprehends the best with the means to purchase it.

We should all be so lucky!


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Ad Campaign – Lincoln-Zephyr, 1937

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Ad Campaign – Overland Cars

“Highway and byway; woods and water; change and rest; health and tan; freedom and happiness; comfort and economy – all are yours in the new Overland.”

This ad from 1923 is from the Willy-Overland Company of Toledo Ohio – the forerunner of Jeep.  For several years during the 1910s, Overland was the second largest car company in the US.  By the mid 1920s the company was in trouble, and a year later, the Overland was no longer made.  The company did remain in business, producing other lines, and in the 1940s, developed the Jeep for war use.

I love the idea of just packing up the entire family (dog included) into the Overland, finding a shady spot by a lake and setting up camp!  “Travel with comfort.  Travel with pride.  Travel with economy.  Drive an Overland and realize the difference.”

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Ever Drive Down this Famous Street?

Before TV and that catchy “See the USA in a Chevrolet…” song, the ad slogan for Chevy was “Ever Drive Down this Famous Street?”  And the ad would show people in their new Chevrolet having a great time driving.

This is Wilshire Boulevard as it winds around the lake at MacArthur Park, circa 1948.  Looks like they are having a great time, with the wind in the dog’s fur and the smiling tow-headed boys in the back seat.  I tried to find a recent photograph taken from the same place, but couldn’t find one. I’m guessing that no one has the courage to actually get that close to such a busy LA street.

Or it could be that no one has the courage to get that close to crime-infested MacArthur Park, though I’ve read that the situation there is greatly improved in the past few summers.

The ad is from Holiday magazine, July, 1948.

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Ad Campaign – Panhard, 1932

My husband and I are planning a road trip, circa 1962.  His mother’s ’62 Plymouth, which was badly damaged by flooding from hurricanes Francis and Ivan a year and a half ago, is now being restored.  To celebrate its return to the road, we’re taking it on a road trip a’ la 1962. I’m working on wardrobes and luggage now.

I ran across this Art Deco classic ad in a 1932 L’illustration magazine .   Now that would be a car to build a wardrobe around, with long, lean, sleek lines, in sharply contrasting black and white (with just a touch of red).   Maybe a smartly tailored suit of the finest French tweed, trimmed in velvet for day, and a long, black velvet gown for dinner and dancing.

But I guess I’ll have to be content with my 1960s pedal pushers, cute overblouses and Keds for day, and little black dresses for evening.   Too bad gas is still not 29 cents!


Posted by Chris:

I hope you share pictures of your trip!;)

Sunday, February 12th 2006 @ 3:11 PM

Posted by Lizzie Bramlett:

Oh course I will! I’ll try to get pictures of the car up as soon as we get it home.

Sunday, February 12th 2006 @ 4:33 PM

Posted by Olivier:

The illustrator is Alex Kow, a white russian who worked a lot for car and particulary for Panhard.

Friday, June 12th 2009 @ 5:16 PM

Posted by Lizzie:

Thanks so much for that information. Lizzie

Friday, June 12th 2009 @ 5:52 PM

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