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In the Mood for Mod

The Courreges handbag above was a recent lucky thrift store find.  (People who claim that they live in such a backwater that there is no good designer vintage to be found might want to rethink that belief, as I found this in a back-of-beyond little town.)  The bag has put me into a mod mood.  Courreges was one of the French masters of the look, and he continued to use vestiges of it even after the fashion world had moved to a softer, more romantic feeling.

So even though this bag would be right at home in a 1966 wardrobe, it was probably made several years later.  I’ve been pouring over my late 60s and early 70s magazines, and the best I can tell, Courreges really got into using this logo in 1972.  He put it on jackets and jumpers made from the same crinkled vinyl, and on tight sweaters.   And if anyone does know when this was made – if you have an ad or editorial copy showing this or a similar bag – please let me know.

Shopping alert:  There is a pink one, though a shoulder bag and not a handbag, on ebay right now.  At the present time it is cheap.

As I said, the bag got me to thinking about modness, so when I went looking to my large stack of unread books, I gravitated toward Edie, An American Biography by Jean Stein with George Plimpton.  Jean started collecting information in 1972, soon after Edie Sedgwick’s death and it took 10 years to interview all the people involved and to edit the interviews.  It was a bestseller when it was released in 1982.  And no wonder, as it is so engrossing.  I’m telling you, 1965 in New York City was not the same as 1965 in small town North Carolina!

If you love the 60s, then you have to read Edie, and when you finish it, get Popism by Andy Warhol.  You’ll thank me for this later.

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