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Month in Review – February, 2015

I know that February is a short month, but that one just flew by.  If I were a talking in the third person type, I’d be tempted to change the title of these monthly updates to Keeping Up with Lizzie.  I found this at the Metrolina show in Charlotte this month.

Also spotted at Metrolina was this super button card.  An attractive pearl trimming, attractively marketed.

We did a big library clean up and reorganization at my house.  Here’s a sampling of the fashion books.

I had several lovely reminders of how much I get from keeping this blog.  The illustration above is the cover of a 1924 Harper’s Bazar.  It, along with a dozen other early 1920s magazines, was sent to me by reader Susan Maresco.  What a treasury of great images and information!

I also got a sweet surprise from Juliet of SixCatsFun Vintage – the cutest little embroidered Scottie towel.  How did she know I’d love it so?

While in New York I was lucky enough to meet up with Julie of JetSetSewing.  She not only showed me around the fantastic old-school New York club where she was staying, but she also treated me to a much needed lunch.  And the last morning I was in the city I had breakfast with my good friend, Monica Murgia. It was so much fun catching up with her.

New York is always fun, even if it is cold enough to freeze one’s nose off.  All the layers of clothes left me feeling like the Michelin Man, but they did keep me warm.

And when clothes didn’t work, there were sippy cups of Cabernet Sauvignon.  We saw Matilda: The Musical, and it was delightful, and not just because of the wine.

Cannoli – one of the true delights of Little Italy.  The signature filling was cinnamon.

A lot of my time was spent, of course, in the wonderful museums of New York.  The Museum at FIT is a favorite.  Reviews of the two shows will be posted soon.

I’ve been looking for this pattern for years.  Please help me find it!

And finally, meet Kali.  She is an elkhound mix that was offered for adoption through a group for which I do some volunteering.  I’m happy to report that Kali found a home, and now has two people and a rottweiler brother of her own!


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February in Review

February was a long snowy month, with there being quite a few days when we did not leave our home.  Still, I must have been pretty busy, or at least my Instagram feed makes it look like I was.

This is the view from my office window.  I was standing at this window about five years ago when the tree on the left was hit by lightning.  The top one fourth of it blew off and landed in front of it.  Every year a bit more of it dies, but it is still hanging in there.

I took this handsome guy to bloodhound rescue in Villa Rica, Georgia.  He looks worried, but it was not my driving.  He just was not used to being enclosed.  He had been running loose in a mountain neighborhood, where he managed to elude capture for weeks.  Such a good boy he is.  I used to do a lot of dog transports to rescues until my sister got sick and I needed to spend my time with her.  I’m glad to be getting back into this work.

This photo was taken in the Nantahala Gorge while on my rescue run.   It’s a fairly wild area.

I spent many of the snow days curled up with a good magazine.  This one is from 1925.

A dear cousin came to visit and my brother and I spent  a day playing tour guide in Asheville.  We loved this Downton Abbey themed window in a local yarn shop.

I’m really not a “cat person” but even I could not resist this lovely girl we spotted in an art gallery window.

I managed to fit in a bit of vintage shopping.  I’m afraid the sign is a bit late to save some of these clothes.

Is there no end to the cute Scottie stuff?  Apparently not.

Here I am in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, tacky capitol of the South, moments before being run down by the Titanic.  Seriously, there is a Titanic attraction, and it is surprisingly educational.  Really.

I got flowers for absolutely no reason, and that is the best reason of all.


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