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Ad Campaign – Crescendo Gloves, 1956

Crescendoe gloves give your hands a slim and lovely look…Leather-tailored of wonder fabric that wears longer and washes better.

I’m really not very nostalgic when it comes to fashion accessories of the past.  I had enough of garter belts and stockings and little hats as a pre-teen to do me for a lifetime.  But one thing I really wish I’d gotten in on was the wearing of dress gloves.  I can remember wearing them as a very young child, but by the time I was 8 or so, the wearing of them had passed from being de rigueur to being just one more thing we didn’t want to fool with.

I look at the hands of many women in their 70s and older, and realize their hands look younger than mine.  It has to be that they got much less sun exposure as teens and as young women.   Those $4 gloves turned out to be a very good investment in skin care, and did a lot more good than do today’s $25 hand creams.

Happy first day of spring to you all!


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Vintage White Stag Ski Gloves

The USA is in the grip of an arctic air mass, so I thought some nice, warm vintage ski gloves would be in order.  These gloves (or are they mittens?)  from White Stag feature a zipper on the back of the hand, and probably date from the 1940s or early 50s.

White Stag was originally a tent manufacturer, and through the 1960s canvas continued to be a favored material.  The outside of these gloves are a fine gauge canvas, and they are lined with cotton flannel.  The palms are a light blue leather.  There is elastic at the wrist and again at the end of the glove.

You might think that the metal zipper would be cold against the back of the hand, but these are crafted so that the flannel overlaps the zipper completely, and so it does not come in contact with the skin.

It’s an interesting design, similar in concept to hunter’s gloves, except that on them the opening is on the palm side and is across the bottom of the fingers.

After I bought these last summer I started looking at White Stag ads from the 1940s, hoping to get a glimpse of gloves with a zipper.  I found plenty of their gloves that have a similar shape, and several with what appear to be a leather palm, but none had the zipper.  I’ll continue looking, and would appreciate any of you skiers and sportswear collectors out there providing me with any information you might have about this type of glove.

This label is very similar to the one from the 1940s and early 50s.


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Ad Campaign – Gloves, 1946

I’m a real fan of gloves, probably because my hands seem to always be cold.  I have dozens of pairs in my collection, but I also buy lots of gloves for me to wear.

If you’ve never taken a good look at the variety of vintage gloves available, spend a few minutes (or hours) on ebay and etsy.  Go slowly, and look carefully, and among all the early 1960s white cotton and nylon shortie gloves, you will find some real treasures: unbelievably soft leathers and suedes, printed leathers, embroidered silks, cashmere lined.  Just don’t settle for the ordinary when there is such an interesting selection.

Another good place to look for vintage gloves is the local antique mall.  Gloves seem to be like hats – you can always spot them in mall booths, even when there are no other clothes in sight.  Odd.


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Hermes for Wear-Right Gloves

I’ve had these great gloves for so long that I can’t remember where I got them.  I’m sure it was either an antique store, or maybe a thrift store.  Well, wherever it was, I was sure delighted to look inside and see the label:

Le Gant Hermes, Paris, Wear-Right Exclusive, USA.  For years I thought they were from the 60s because of the color.  The dark stripe is actually a dark charcoal grey, and they just looked mid 60s.  So I was very surprised to find the ad for them in a 1952 Town and Country:

My friend Jonathan of Kickshaw Productions calls this “As seen in” and he has some really wonderful examples of the happy incident on his blog.

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