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Knox Tuxaway Hat, Part II

I posted about this travel hat that I found back in February, the Knox Tuxaway.  At the time I found an ad for a man’s Tuxaway, but mine was clearly for a woman with the bright red color and the sizing.  I’ve not found any additional information about the hat, but I was pleased when a reader, Carol, emailed to say that she is a collector of hatboxes, and that she has a Tuxaway box.

I love this because you can see the cylinder hat box in the 1948 Knox Tuxaway ad.  So if any of you happen to run across this oddly shaped box, you will now know what its use was.

Thanks to Carol for sharing her photo.


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The Big Tease

Despite the obvious condition problems, I knew I had to have this hatbox the moment I spied it in the antique shop.  It’s from the late 1940s, after the War but before the New Look.  Lots of hatboxes from this time period have an old fashioned appeal, but this is the first one I’ve found that combines the modern and the nostalgic.

I got a notice that this blog had been included in a Top 100 Fashion blogs list at Customizegirl.com.  Well, that certainly made my day!  I love what they said about me:

Lizzie writes about a nice collection of old fashion ads, fabrics, and clothing. Occasionally, she’ll offer something that she finds for sale. Or, she’ll just tease you with some perfect piece as she states that it’s hers and hers alone.

So consider this post a tease, cause the hatbox is mine, and mine alone!

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