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Ad Campaign – Bates, 1944

Blueprint for tomorrow by Barbara Stanwyck

Barbara Stanwyck, star of “Double Indemnity”, a Paramount Picture, plans to commute by helicopter from Hollywood to her home – after the war!  You will be able to travel by air too, and perhaps have your own plane if you buy enough War Bonds now!  Those who want a touch of tomorrow in their homes today are selecting Bates bedspreads, designed to provide warmth as well as beauty… and they see in Bates spreads with matching draperies tomorrow’s answer to decoration.

This has got to be one of the oddest star endorsements of all time.  Here is the glamorous Barbara Stanwyck in a bedroom decorated with cotton bedspread and curtains that are covered with log cabins and pine trees.  I somehow had her pictured as more of the satiny boudoir type.

And then there is all that talk about the future, with good reason.  “For the duration” was a common way of referring to wartime life, with the hope of a brighter future being one of the things that got people through all the shortages and sacrifices.  Still, it seems to be strange that a fabric covered with log cabins is being touted as the answer to tomorrow’s decorating problems!


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Ad Campaign – Cannon Towels, 1935

Can you guess the product?

Okay, maybe this is just too obvious, but the answer is Cannon Towels.  Who knew towels could be so luxurious?  As the ad says:

You’ll see in them the pure blue of an infinite sky, fluff-white with young clouds – yellow and new green stolen from a mountain flower – glow of dawn and mauve of dusk – in fact, most of nature’s nicest water colors.

The ad is from 1935, a time when perhaps luxury could be defined by those who could afford $2 for a new set of towels, and a trip to a mountain lake.

Here is the full ad.  Click to go to an enlargement:


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Silvery Sands… The Blue Green Wonder of Curling Waves…

The indescribable fascination of dainty ankles clad in Cadet Silk Hosiery.

This is an ad for hosiery, from the August 1923 issue of the Ladies’ Home Journal.  Not exactly a beach staple today, but  some people DO still wear hose on the beach.

A few years ago a few teachers from my school planned a little beach outing, and one of my friends went on the trip.  They got there and got changed into their bathing suits, when one came out in panty hose beneath hers.  The rest of them were too surprised to even comment.  Every day she went into the ocean wearing her hosiery.

Maybe she loves old magazines as much as I do, and that’s where she got the idea!

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A Day at the Beach – 1924

Most women today don’t get this dressed up to go shopping or out to lunch, much less for a day with the kids at the beach!  Actually, I highly suspect that women in the 1920s didn’t either, but it sure looks great in this Lux soap ad, 1924.

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