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Marshall Field Sweater, c. 1927

It  was in the paper today about how many people in Chicago just cannot bring themselves to shop at Macy’s this Christmas.  The demise of the Marshall Field name is just too painful.  I never had the pleasure of shopping at Marshall Field, but as a child I loved the big department stores in Asheville, and the huge Rich’s in downtown Atlanta, and I can see how a store can be so important to a community.  It’s bad enough that the malls across America are all alike, and now the department stores are too.

But there was a time when shopping in a big downtown department store was an event, something to be planned and dressed for.  Department stores held special events that really brought in the holiday shoppers, and these events became treasured traditions.

All these thoughts were brought about by a sweater with, you guessed it, a Marshall Field label.  I’ve had this sweater so long that I cannot tell you where I found it.   I knew it was old, but then I found its first cousin in a 1927 mail order catalogue.  And I’ve seen photos a little older than that with men tennis players wearing similar sweaters.  I just love finding the almost same item in a primary resource!

Posted by Liebemarlene:

That sweater is one of the best I’ve seen. As a Chicagoan I can say that I definitely miss Marshall Fields. It had an old-fashioned feel to it; at least I can still find vintage clothing in the thrift stores with the old Marshall Fields labels in them.

Tuesday, January 9th 2007 @ 11:48 PM

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