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Camp Life, Great Smokies, 1930s

These two vintage postcards are most likely from the very early 1930s, and while they are not of the same site, the subject tends to tie them together.  There’s no way to tell where the original photos were made, but for the last one at least, I suspect East Tennessee as the photographer was based in Knoxville.

What I really found interesting about the top postcard was how the women were dressed; they look more like they are setting up a patio party than a camp dinner!  They even appear to be wearing heeled shoes.  I can’t help but think they knew they were to be photographed and wanted to look their best!  Contrast they way they look with the women in this earlier hiking shot.

Even in the early 1930s, most women were not wearing pants outside of the most casual of activities, and they would have wanted to appear in the accepted mode of dress.  The photo of the  hikers from the early 20s was possibly a spontaneous shot of hikers the photographer happened to encounter.

UPDATE: The bottom picture is from a Jim Thompson photo, and was taken at an early (1920s) camp on Mt. LeConte.  LeConte is in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and today there is a primitive lodge up there.

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