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What I Didn’t Buy – Trapper Nelson Indian Board Backpack

As a collector of women’s sportswear, I’ve been very tempted to veer into the vintage sports equipment world.  A canvas golf bag with a few hickory shaft clubs would look great with that vintage golfing frock, wouldn’t it?  Or how about a nice pair of ice skates to go with the 1940s skating dress?

Thankfully, common sense continues to prevail here.  As of yet the only real equipment pieces I have are a pair of 1940s roller skates that were a gift, and my own 1970s tennis racket.

But I did love seeing this vintage backpack.  I know absolutely nothing about it, but I did find this old blog post in which a lot of people sang the praises of the Trapper Nelson.   Hopefully someone will stumble by with some  information.

According to the seller’s tag, this Pioneer Brand Trapper Nelson Indian Pack Board by the Jones Tent and Awning Company of Vancouver, dates from the 1920s.  Since this is a #3, it is possibly newer than that, as these were made for a very long time.    It was priced at a healthy $125, and I have no idea if that is a good or a bad price.  I do know that old canvas bags are currently in vogue, due partly to exposure in certain blogs that love that heritage, “authentic” look.

And speaking of which, in the past year I’ve noticed that flea market and antique booths are getting darker.  I mean that literally, as the omnipresent white painted shabby look seems to be waning.  Considering that Shabby Chic by Rachel Ashwell was published in 1996, and by that time the look was already quite popular, I’d say it’s time to move on.  But what the heck will happen to all that white painted furniture?



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