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Fashion Journal – Punk: Chaos to Couture at the Met

Almost ten years ago some online friends and I were discussing the newest thing on the internet – the blog.  It’s hard to imagine today when there are millions of blogs, including quite a few  “written” by cats, that a mere decade ago most people had never even heard of blogging, much less had read or written one.

But we were looking for a new way to share different aspects of the things concerning fashion history that interested us.  I had started a journal in which I recorded the things I saw and loved at fashion exhibitions.  Originally this blog was only scans of the pages from that journal, along with a very few comments.  I only posted once a month or so.

Soon I began thinking about the other things that I was learning that ought to be shared.  I began showing my vintage finds, along with pretty much writing my thoughts out loud.  Not that anyone much besides my fellow blogging buddies were actually reading the blog, which was originally called Lizzie’s Vintage Travel Journal.

Time passed, my friends went on to other adventures, but I kept blogging.  Eventually I stopped showing my journal pages.  I can’t say exactly why, but it was probably because I was doing reviews of all the exhibitions I saw anyway.  And even though I stopped showing the pages, I’ve kept on making them.

I find that physical journaling is a very different activity from writing a blog, even though a blog is a type of journal.  My journal contains many different types of work from drawing to cut out pictures to collage.  Many of the drawings are done on site, and if I know that a particular museum is drawer-friendly (in other words, there are places to sit) I’ll take my journal along on the visit.  In cases where I know I’ll not have time to stand or sit and draw, the journal stays at home and the pages are made there.

In celebration of my ten year anniversary I’ve decided to reinstate the original concept for a day every month or so.  I have a lot of exhibits to catch up on from the years when I did not post them.  Some are better than others, but all show what I found to be of interest in each exhibition.  You can see my older entries by looking at the “Journal” category in the side bar.

The first exhibition I’m showing is one that I did not really like, Punk: Chaos to Couture, at the Met.  I even had a hard time coming up with a concept with which to work in the journal.  Finally, I decided to just focus on two things I found to be interesting.

From the box at the top which you can’t read:

The very early punk tees by Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren were fantastic, but Widow McLaren claims most of them are fakes.

Should I go into the fake punk tee business?



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Fashion Journal – Marietta Museum of History

I was in the Atlanta area last week and had time to visit a museum.  There are several good choices, including the High Museum of Art and the Atlanta History Center, but I knew I’d have more time if I chose a smaller one out of town.  I’d been meaning to go to the Marietta History Museum for some time, but usually my visits to Marietta are rushed, so now was the perfect opportunity. The museum is housed in the Kennesaw House, which wasn’t a house at all, but a hotel, dating from 1845 when it was built as a cotton warehouse.

I’m going to say outright, as much as I hate to, that I’m often disappointed in small municipal museums.  Most of the ones I’ve visited (quite a few) are a hodge-podge of old stuff, poor arranged, poorly displayed and poorly maintained.  Several years ago I went to one where they had Victorian  and 1920s clothing displayed on wire hangers!

But, I’m happy to say, this is not the case in Marietta.  This museum is a little gem, with the displays all having a relavance to Marietta’s history.  The displays were nicely arranged and well explained.  I missed the wedding dress display they had up for some time, but one corner was devoted to the “Fashion of the Month”.  How cool is that?  This month’s display was from the estate of a well-known Marietta citizen.  Along with her dresses and hats from the 1950s-1970, there were also photos and the details of her life.

As in most Southern museums, there was a large Civil War display.  That isn’t really accurate; there was a large military display, starting with the earliest wars Marietta played a part in, up though the present day.  I usually don’t get excited about military displays, with the same guns, uniforms, guns, gruesome photos, and oh.. did I mention guns?  This one had a small section devoted to women in the military, starting with WWI nurses, and ending with the items of a woman from Marietta who was a combat nurse in Vietnam.  Quite interesting!

There was a large aircraft plant in Marietta during WWII, and one of the women workers had donated her work overalls and other items from her employment as an airplane builder.  Rosie the Riviter!

A few drawings from my journal:

For those who are more interested in mythology than history, the “Gone with the Wind” Museum is right next door.  I’m not a fan of the movie, but they do have some iconic costumes from it.


Posted by Lulu:

I like your drawings! They’re cute!!! 

Tuesday, August 5th 2008 @ 1:01 PM

Posted by deb jordan:

I also have a Rosie type jumpsuit which has been patched many times. It was found in an old trunk. It does have a patch that I am trying to remember. Expedition 1872 w/ an eagle?? 

Tuesday, September 23rd 2008 @ 7:20 AM

Posted by Lizzie Bramlett:

What a great find! I’d absolutely LOVE to come across one. 

Tuesday, September 23rd 2008 @ 5:00 PM

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1940 Trip Diary

Sometimes you just get lucky.  I found this little gem on eBay for a terribly reasonable price, and even though I have more journals and blank books than I can make use of, I had to have this one.   The seller just showed the cover, and I bought the little book just on the strenght of that great graphic.

The inside pages are just charming, with places for when, where, what and how, much like some travel diaries today have it all laid out.  There was a time when this would have irritated me, as I don’t like having to conform to someone else’s idea of organization.  But then I met Muriel Foster.

Well, met, is not the right word, because I’ve only seen a reproduction of the diary she kept from 1913 -1949.  What makes her diary so special was that it was a fishing diary, with spaces for when, where, what and how.  But Muriel wasn’t one to be limited by little boxes.  She filled in the blanks she wished, and decorated the empty spaces between.  From 1915:

It justs makes me see the possibilities for these pages:

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