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Ad Campaign – Joyce Shoes, 1948

As promised, here is another sandal ad, and another one from Joyce Shoes of Pasadena, California.  This is their Maracaibo line of 1948, inspired by the shapes and colors of Venezuela.  During WWI and for several years afterward when travel to Europe was greatly curtailed, the countries of South America provided a lot of fashion inspiration.

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Ad Campaign – Cool-ees by Joyce, 1940

All Cool-ees by Joyce are not carried by all stores, but most good stores carry Cool-ees.

The Joyce Shoe company of Pasadena, California was in business at least from 1940 into the 1980s.  It was founded by William Joyce.  In 1950 the factory suffered a terrific fire which destroyed much of the company’s inventory.  Newspaper reports of the time show employees sifting through the smoldering building looking for things to salvage.  I’ve got to wonder if any of those smoky shoes actually made it onto the market!


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