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The Artistic Label

You might remember the quilt made entirely of clothing labels that I wrote about back in February.  A few week ago Kate Mathews sent me the link to some more labels that the quilt owner, Chris Kluge, posted on his facebook page.  These labels were all woven by his family’s business, German Artisic Woven Labels which became became Artistic Woven Labels during WWI.  Visit the link above to read about the company.
These labels came from sample books found in the old mill’s water-powered turbine room, and they date from the early 1900s through about the 1940s.  These were woven on very narrow looms (and that is why the edges of them are smooth, compared to labels today which are woven on wide looms and then cut and fused… and scratchy!)
So marvel at the detailing, and think of a time when these little works of art graced the interior of one’s coat.
Many thanks to Chris for sharing his story and photos.    All images copyright WOODTHRUSH, LLC 2010

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