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Bradley High Quality Knit Garments – 1908

Bradley Knitting Company is one of those companies that no longer exists, but still its wares are well-known to vintage sellers and collectors due to the consistent release of consumer catalogs and their large volume of production. The company was renamed as Bradley in 1905, and so this 1908 is from the very early years of the company. At that date they were already producing the garments which made Bradley famous – sweaters and bathing suits.

You might have noticed the use of the word “coat” to describe what we today in the United States would call a sweater or cardigan. Bradley continued to use “knit coats” until the late 1920s when the catalogs switched to the more modern “sweater”.

I’m not familiar with the term, “pony jacket.” Could it have been appropriate for riding?

Even though sweaters were considered to be sportswear, the catalog stylist could not resist adding a bit of fashion with the huge hats.

I’ve seen this style of knit vest advertised as a golf vest. It would have been an excellent choice to wear for the sport because of the increased mobility of the arms which it would allow.

Bradley also made knits for men and for children. The cardigan above is very similar to what sweater companies made all through the 1920s, but it is a bit shorter in the body.

Heavy wool knits were very casual attire, and the association with sports was strong. I really love this baseball coat. I do wonder if the monogram was machine embroidered or if it was made separately and then attached.

In spite of the large, impractical hat (or is it a bow?), this little girl is dressed to play with her knit coat, short skirt, and softball.

Thanks to this catalog I now know that Bradley first made bathing suits in 1907.  Be sure to read the copy, as it is so unintentionally hilarious!

A note about men’s bathing suit styles: in 1908 men’s suits were still very modest, with the long top having a high neck and small armholes. The trunks are to the knees. By the 1920s the armholes and neck in men’s bathing suits were scooped, and the trunks were mid thigh.


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Ad Campaign – Select Sweater Jacket, 1946

very Select sweater jacket

Ensembler, favorite all-season extender.  Deftly man-tailored in knit fabric which blends the softness of rabbit’s hair with the lush smoothness of fine virgin wool.

I’ve been thinking so much about jackets lately, partly because I’m getting ready to start on the Chanel-esque jacket I have planned, but also because I recently lost a wardrobe staple, a black knit sweater jacket.  I’d had the sweater for at least ten years, and probably closer to fifteen, so I certainly got my money’s worth.  And to be honest it was starting to show its age.

A quick look through the stores in the town where my old standby went missing proved to be as fruitless as I suspected it would be.  Everything was so thin the light showed through, and it was all made in Bangladesh.  I knew I’d be making my own replacement.

I really love the jacket in the ad, and now I’m on the hunt for a similar pattern.  I have already made a replacement jacket (to be unveiled tomorrow) but I’m seeing a need for one in Chinese Cherry wool knit.


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