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Desperately Seeking Vintage Christmas Gift Wrap

This is all I have of the best gift wrap ever.  It was on a gift from a vintage friend several years ago, and she must have loved it as much as I do because she was doling it out in the tiny sample you can see.  I think she was being quite generous, as I’d have kept it all for myself.  I mean, Santa and a martini.  A man after my own heart!

I’ve been on a quest for vintage Christmas wrapping paper ever since I stumbled across the flickr pages of xtinalamb.  If that’s not enough, then check out the Vintage Wrapping Paper pool.

And here’s one I found  on etsy.  I would say to hurry over there and buy it, but I weakened and now it is mine:

Stylized POODLE Gift Wrap Vintage Wrapping Paper - Black and Silver Girls

And then a few months ago, I found this great Scottie paper from the 1940s:

The next two are part of a three roll set that I found in an antique mall:


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