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Ad Campaign – Moygashel Linen, 1949

Stand Out in Moygashel Linen

When great houses like B.H. Wragge – Paul Parnes – Davidow – Pat Premo – Kane-Weill select MOYGASHEL Irish linen to create their masterpieces, that is your assurance that MOYGASHEL must stand for the best…so when you shop for yourself, insist on MOYGASHEL…it’s color-fast…crease-resistant…pure…and imported especially for the discriminating.

I was attracted to this ad for today because of all the talk about parasols, but what I want to write about is Irish linen, and especially Moygashel.  Moygashel is not a type of linen, it is a brand name.  I’ve known vintage buyers and sellers to be confused because clothing made of Moygashel linen often has a label identifying it as such, and it is easy to conclude that Moygashel is the name of the garment maker.

As the ad tells us, Moygashel was considered to be the highest quality Irish linen.  Not only did quality garment makers choose it, the fabric was available to home dressmakers, and the coveted Moygashel label was included with a purchase.

What makes Irish linen, and  Moygashel in particular, so so wonderful?  Experts tell us it is the quality of the water in Ireland with which the fibers are processed, much in the same way that the water in Scotland is thought to play a role in the quality of their cashmere.

There is still a linen industry in Ireland, though most of the raw material, flax, is grown in northern Europe and China and imported into the country.   Moygashel still exists as well, as a division of Ulster Weavers, specializing in home furnishing linens.


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