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Ad Campaign – DuPont Orlon, 1954

Christmas sweaters of ORLON are angels to wash!

New joy to get or give sweaters soft as angel’s wings… warm as a Christmas wish…and, oh, so easy to care for!  They’re sweaters of “Orlon” – the fiber that makes luxury sweaters practical for day-to-day living…

P.S. Beautiful way to get kissed, give him a sweater of “Orlon.”

Today we’d be hard-pressed to think of Orlon as a luxury fiber, but in the 1950s synthetics were a novelty, and the ease of caring for them must have seemed to be a true luxury.  In 1955 Givenchy did a complete line of sweaters, all made from Orlon.  And most of the decorated sweaters sold by Schiaparelli in the 1950s were Orlon.

I will say, that’s a nice way to style a twin set.


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