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Retro Roadmap Get Together

Last Sunday I got to meet one of my favorite bloggers and internet friends, Beth Lennon of Retro Roadmap.  I first “met” Beth several years ago when she spotted a post I did on a Cherokee, NC motel, the Pink Motel.  Since then we’ve emailed back and forth and she has sent some really nifty gifts my way, including a vintage Pendleton 49er.  It seems as if Beth is one of those lovers of vintage who can’t pass up a good find when she knows someone who will appreciate the item.  I’m telling you, friends like Beth are good to have.

I was delighted to hear that she and husband Cliff would be traveling through my area and we arranged to have lunch at Rocky’s Soda and Grill in Brevard, NC.  Lunch was great – grilled pimento cheese and chips – but best of all was meeting Beth and spending a little time with her.

That’s Beth on the left.  And see that little bag I’m carrying?  Yes, she did come equipped with a gift, a Tammis Keefe hankie depicting Wannamaker’s in Philadelphia.

Here’s Beth enjoying her soda, and me managing to bomb the photo I’m taking!

And here is Beth photographing that great Southern delicacy, the grilled pimento cheese sandwich.

Thanks Beth and Cliff.  I really enjoyed meeting the two of you.


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