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Help Me Plan My Trip to the Midwest

In celebration of our 40th wedding anniversary in February, my dear husband and I are planning a road trip through the eastern Midwest: Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan and West Virginia.  We are in the talking about it stage, where very few plans are concrete, so we were hoping some of you might be able to make recommendations on things to see and places to stay.  Here’s what we are sort of planning:


Reds Baseball


National aircraft Museum



Chicago History Center

Art Institute

White Sox Baseball

Southern Wisconsin

Northern Indiana

Lake Michigan

Dearborn, Michigan

Henry Ford Museum


Kent, Ohio

Kent State Museum

Canton, Ohio

NFL Hall of Fame

Marietta, Ohio

Through West Virginia

And back to North Carolina

Since this is a his and hers trip, we need to plan for things other than fashion and art.  Tim likes art and science, sports and history.  So he is pretty easy to plan for.

I’d appreciate any ideas on other museums along the way, interesting hotels, and anything you know would be of interest to me.  That includes vintage shopping.  We only know where we will be staying in Cincinnati and Marietta.  Feel free to post here or to send an email.  Oh, the trip will be in May or June.

Thanks!  Lizzie and Tim


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On the Road

I’m traveling this weekend, and I’m having too much fun at an antiques festival to do any blogging.   You might check out my instagram to see some of what I’m up to.

I feel a bit bad for the traveler in my photo.  She (it is a she, right?) has on the most unbelievably fussy outfit, and what is with the two dinky little suitcases.  I do hope she also has a huge trunk full of things that are a bit more flattering.


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Something a Little Different

Regular readers might remember that my husband and I were away last week, off for a few days at the beautiful North Carolina coast.  This is not the usual fashion history post, but I never can resist looking for history wherever we happen to be.

We started out in Oriental, NC, an old fishing village now known more as a sailing town.  My father-in-law grew up here, but I’d never visited.  What an amazing little place!  There are only about 800 residents, and we saw more people getting around town on bikes than in cars.  So when in Rome…

We also visited Atlantic Beach.  It is at the very bottom of the Outer Banks, though it is not actually considered to be in the OB.  It is a place full of history, and great seafood.

We visited Fort Macon, which played a role in The Civil War, and even as late as WWII was used in our coastal defense.  It’s a wonderful old fort with new interpretive exhibits.

This is a denim fatigue uniform from WWII.  Even though the fort had been turned over to the state of North Carolina and was made a state park in 1936, because of German submarine activity in the waters off the east coast the fort was leased by the US Army and was used in the defense of the ports at Morehead City and Beaufort.

We stayed at a super 1960s motel, the Atlantis Lodge.  Even though the rooms have been updated and remodeled, we still got the feeling of being in a vintage motel.  Best of all, it was dog-friendly.  We didn’t take our Spooky, but there were plenty of friendly furry faces.

This is Chance, one of our neighbors.

And as promised some time ago, here is a photo of my Claire McCardell play set.  It was perfect for a day at the beach.

On the way home we stopped in Winston-Salem for a visit to the Old Salem Tavern.  It is located in the Salem part of town, which was established in the 1760s by Moravian settlers from Pennsylvania.  This part of town still has many of the 18th and early 19th century buildings, and many of them form a museum called Old Salem.  But other buildings in the village area are still dwellings and are used for restaurants.  It’s an interesting little time-warp in the shadow of the city of Winston.

This is not Williamsburg and there is no real attempt to make the visitor think he or she is in the 18th century, which makes the costumes of the museum interpreters seem a bit, well, odd.


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Road Trip – Family Affair

I’ll be traveling this weekend, off to Charleston, SC for a family wedding.   It is really special, as my sister will be traveling with me, and we will be meeting up with my brothers later.  One of my nieces is getting married tomorrow on a boat, so expect some pretty pictures.  I’ll be the one in the vintage dress!


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Happy Trails

I’m on my horse for a few days (kidding… I drive a Ford Focus…) but I’ll return in a day or so with tales from the trail, I mean, road!


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Re-thinking the Good Old Days

I just got home from a week at one of North Carolina’s beaches, and I went looking for a vintage image of where I was.  This is Atlantic Beach, and the photo comes from the official NC Department of Transportation Highway map for 1957.  How they thought this photo would attract anyone is puzzling, but I’m guessing the intent was to prove how popular Atlantic Beach was!

I actually stayed about 10 miles south of Atlantic Beach, at Emerald Isle.  They are on the same barrier island, which stretches from Swansboro to Morehead City, and from the air you can see that this is actually one 20 mile long beach.

The difference is startling!

Part of the difference is that the vintage photo was undoubtedly taken at the height of the season, in July or August.  What a difference a few months makes!  But even in April it was very warm, and terribly pleasant.

What you can’t see, however, is the incredible growth this area has experienced, most of it coming in the past 10 to 15 years.  When I first visited Atlantic Beach in the 1990s, there were 2 hotels and lots of cottages.  There were very few buildings at all in Emerald Isle – just the commonly seen beach cottages.  Today there is scarcely a foot of oceanfront property left undeveloped.  And many or the houses are huge – as many as 5 stories.  And that is for a single family home.  It’s very disheartening, as the cottages are long gone.

Interestingly, many of these McBeachMansions have for sale signs on them.  I really think many people buy a beach home without considering the massive upkeep required.  Many times they end up being more work than the buyer bargained for.  In fact, the house we stayed in is on the market.  We are hoping it does not sale!

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