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Desperately Seeking Vintage Christmas Gift Wrap

This is all I have of the best gift wrap ever.  It was on a gift from a vintage friend several years ago, and she must have loved it as much as I do because she was doling it out in the tiny sample you can see.  I think she was being quite generous, as I’d have kept it all for myself.  I mean, Santa and a martini.  A man after my own heart!

I’ve been on a quest for vintage Christmas wrapping paper ever since I stumbled across the flickr pages of xtinalamb.  If that’s not enough, then check out the Vintage Wrapping Paper pool.

And here’s one I found  on etsy.  I would say to hurry over there and buy it, but I weakened and now it is mine:

Stylized POODLE Gift Wrap Vintage Wrapping Paper - Black and Silver Girls

And then a few months ago, I found this great Scottie paper from the 1940s:

The next two are part of a three roll set that I found in an antique mall:


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Give Santa a Hand Up!

This is such a great card from 1935; so great that it needs no words to get the point across.  I love how the line went completely off the chart in 1930, and how the stylish man and woman are helping him back up the graph.

It’s also interesting because Christmas cards tend to ignore any current unpleasantness going on in the world.  I’ve seen WWII cards, but can you imagine one with a Vietnam or Iraq theme?

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