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Saturday Evening Post, March 31, 1956

I love the way the old Saturday Evening Post covers told a story in one frame.  The mother’s look of sadness at her little girl all but grown.  The girl herself, awkwardly admiring her own reflection.  The salesman counting his commission.  The discarded penny loafers.

This was a rite of passage that passed me by.  I went straight from loafers and patent leather maryjanes to practical and comfortable knock-offs of Roger Viver’s Pilgrim pump.  Even when heels went back up in the 1970s, I tended to wear lower styles.  And today I’m strictly a Converse and oxfords type of woman.  I don’t think I’ve ever even owned a pair of proper stilettos.

But for that young miss in 1956, the heeled sandals were a necessary part of her dance ensemble.  I just hope she didn’t trip.


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Saturday Evening Post – April 23, 1960

I love old film footage of people going to baseball games in the past.  The crowd is overwhelmingly male, and even into the 1960s many of the men are dressed as if they had sneaked off from work early.  Of course, people just dressed more formally, even for an event like a baseball game.

I can’t help but love the two women who are dressed more like a day shopping than at the ball park.  And I can’t imagine a more delightful pair with their gloves, hats and pocketbooks.

Going to a Yankees game was on our short list for this week.  I’ll let you know if I was as lucky as the lady in red.

The artist of this Post cover was Dick Sargent, not to be confused with the actor who took the same name.  Not only did Sargent illustrate 47 Post covers (including Point Lookout that I posted last week), he did print ads and movie posters.



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Saturday Evening Post, July 18, 1953

Today’s post is a bit off topic, but I’ll be bringing it around to fashion before it ends.

In 1953 the two kids are all consumed by their books (I’m betting there’s at least one comic book hidden behind the “legitimate” books) and today’s kids are consumed by their smart phones and other gadgets.  But the result is the same.  Dad is lecturing about how they could read at home, and mom is taking photos to share with her friends.  In today’s world she’d at least make the kids stand in front of the pretty view so she could post the photos on her blog and write about how much fun they had.

I tried to pinpoint Point Lookout.  I wasn’t even sure it was a depiction of an actual place.  And while there are Point Lookouts all over the country, this one looks like it was taken in my part of the country.  There was a Point Lookout on Highway 70 between Asheville and Old Fort, and it very well could have been the spot.  Today, Hwy 70 has been replaced by I-40, but there is still a trail up to  Point Lookout that people can hike or bike.

And now for the fashion.  I’m sure you’ve noticed that the mom and the daughter are both wearing dresses.  I can remember taking rides on the Blue Ridge Parkway, or through the Smokies, and my great aunt and my grandmother would be wearing casual dresses, but thank goodness that by the early 1960s, little girls were allowed to wear shorts for a day in the mountains.


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Saturday Evening Post, March 1, 1952

I’m so sorry about the fuzziness of this shot, but I don’t have the opportunity to retake it, and it is just too special not to share.

It’s like the little girl knows that the pose of the mannequin is silly, but she just can’t pass up the opportunity to copy a “sophisticated” lady.  Oh, to be seven again!



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