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Currently Reading: See the USA – The Art of the American Travel Brochure

If you like old travel brochures and the types of ads I post here, you are going to love See the USA  ~ The Art if the American Travel Brochure by John Margolies and Eric Baker.  It’s the only book I know of on the subject, and it’s full of the greatest images from the first half of the 20th Century.

Today on our vacations, we often expect to be entertained.  at some destinations, a visitor is more of a spectator than an active participant.  But in the days before theme parks and mega-aquariums, a tourist went places to not only “see” something, but to “do” as well.  And the travel brochures of the time reflect this, with lots of swimming, golfing, hiking and skiing represented.  Of course, people still take active vacations, but many times they are the exception, rather than the rule.

Just to tempt you, here are a few brochures from the book, but click the link to Amazon to get your own copy.


See The Usa: The Art Of The American Travel Brochure

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