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Winter, 1910

Yes, it is winter, even here in the South.  We had snow on Thursday and flurries again today, so I’m in the mood for something warm and fashionable.  This sheet music cover from 1910 fits the bill quite nicely!

By 1910, women were getting into sports in a very big way, but for the most part they were still expected to wear long skirts while participating.  I can’t help but think how many ripped hems, not to mention twisted ankles, resulted.

The first woman to compete in the Ice Skating World Championship was Great Britain’s Madge Syers, who in 1902 entered the competition against men.  There was no mention of gender in the rulebook, but that was due to the fact that women had never competed in such events, and it just did not occur to the judges that a woman might enter.  She came in second, but after the contest, women were barred.   The committee stated that it was unsafe for women to compete due to the long skirts.

Three years later women got their own World Championship competition, an event won by Ms. Syers for the first tw years.  And in 1908 she won the first women’s figure skating gold metal, and at age 27, she remains the oldest winner of the gold in Olympic history.

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The Consolation Prize


I’d never even though about skating ensembles until I saw the Sonja Henie outfit on eBay.  It wasn’t actually owned by Henie; it was from a line of clothing endorsed by her in the 1940s.  And it was a great set, consisting of a dark blue wool jacket and pants, lined in red, with matching red cap.  It was really special, and my disappointment in being the underbidder was lessened only slightly by the fact that I know the bigh bidder, and know the set was going to an excellent home!

So when I spotted this cute little skating dress a few weeks later, I knew it was meant to be.  This was my consolation prize.  Not from Ms. Henie, but a nice find anyway.


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