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Sovereign Accessory for Leisure Living

I’ve shown this little bag before,  about a year and a half ago when I told how I discovered a collection I didn’t even know I had.    I’ve had this so long that I can’t recall where I found it, but I do remember that I paid $2 for it. I loved the bag and would have bought it even if it had been empty.  But to sweeten the deal, there was a little surprise inside.

This is actually a traveling mini bar.  There is room for two flasks, but one is missing.  I do have two jigger measures, both of which read “Only a thimble full.”  It really is a sweet object.

I’ve spent the day doing a much needed clean up of my office, and in doing so I uncovered several things I’d pretty much forgotten about, including this bag.  Now some experts will tell you that if you have not used something in six months or a year then you need to get rid of it.  That’s a bit drastic, especially when it comes to something this great.  Instead, I filled a big box for the humane society thrift shop with true non-essentials.

The reason I don’t use this bag is because there is a dangerously damaged strap.  At any time it could completely break in two.

The more I look at this, the more I love it and want to carry it.  Not as a bar, but as a little shoulder bag.  So I’m trying to think of a way to repair it.  The entire strap is in poor condition and will have to be replaced.  I’m hoping someone will have a clever idea on how to attach a new one.

Inside the bag I found all the original literature concerning the kit.  It is hard to believe that this cost $15.  In 1955 that would equal $126.80!


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