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Currently Reading: Sleepaway, The girls of Summer and the Camps They Love

I found this book at a thrift store last week, and I haven’t been able to put it down!  And what’s really interesting is that I’d never have bought, or even found, this one on the interent.  It’s the type of book you really have to see to know it was meant for you.

The pictures sold me on this one.  It’s all about summer camps for girls, and the friendships and so on that make camp an important part of a girl’s life, but it was the photographs that got me.  Going back to the early days of summer camps (the first ones opened in 1902), there are wonderful pictures of girls dressed in their camp uniforms, having a great time.

Western North Carolina was, and still is, a big camp area.  One of the earliest camps, Greystone, was founded in 1911, and one just down the road from me, Camp Junaluska, was founded in 1916.  Sadly, it no longer exists, but I can remember driving past it as a kid and looking longingly at the rock camp gate, knowing that lots of fun was happening just beyond.

My own camp experiences were limited to two weeks at YMCA camp when I was in third and fourth grades.  Still, those weeks left a big impression.  Not quite as big as those lucky ones who spent six weeks each summer, but still a treat for a middle class kid with limited resources!


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