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All Is Not Lost

Today is one of those days when I thought I had a new post all ready to go, only to find out that some photos I thought I had, in reality, I didn’t have.  That’s really not such a disaster, but I usually spend some time before posting, “writing” the post in my head, so that my thoughts will be organized when I sit down to write.   So today, my thoughts are all about the Ballets Russes, but that post will have to wait until the photos magically appear in my inbox.

But I do have something wonderful for today anyway.  Last week Edgertor sent some 1940s Tabak ads my way, and said they came from The Californian, which is available online at Archive.org.  I know what a great resource The Californian is because I’m lucky enough to have an issue.

There are several ways to access the magazines.  The easiest is to read it online, but there are also pdf and Kindle versions, among others.

1946  1946  1947  1947  1948  1948,1949  1949,1950  1951,1952

There are lots of great fashion ads, especially from California companies, and there are also features on California designers and companies.

And if you have a day or two to waste, spend some time at Archive.org.  There’s lots there, waiting to be discovered.


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The Californian, February, 1946


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