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Ad Campaign – TWA, 1951

I was lucky enough to attend elementary school during a time when a music education was more than 55 minutes once a week.  No, our teachers were serious about music, and determined that we would learn and sing every old American song ever written.  (That included the horrendously morbid, Tramp, Tramp, Tramp.)

I especially loved Thanksgiving, because that meant “Over the River and Through the Woods”.  I was always confused by the reference to the sleigh going over the white and drifted snow.   Wasn’t snow more of a Christmas thing?  As it turns out, the song was written in 1844 by Massachusetts abolitionist Lydia Maria Child, and Massachusetts in 1844 was enduring what has been referred to as the Little Ice Age.

During my own childhood, Thanksgiving was a short car ride, over a few creeks and through the woods, because I was lucky enough to live a few short miles from my grandparents.   So my own experience was actually closer to that of the 1844 song than that of this 1951 advertisement!


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