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Trimfit Net Stockings Inspired by Twiggy, 1967

Twiggy was the Mod “It Girl” of the mid 1960s, and as such her name and image were in great demand.   She was discovered early in 1966 after having her hair cut short. The hairdresser then had professional photos made of her showing off the new cut which were displayed in his salon.  A newspaper reporter saw the photos and then did a feature about Twiggy.  By November of that year she had her own line of clothes and was working on other products that featured her name and image.

Twiggy came to the US in 1967 where her face ended up on the covers of not only Vogue and Seventeen, but also Newsweek.  The tour generated so much publicity that she was able to sign many endorsement deals for products like Trimfit stockings, false eyelashes and toys like dolls and board games.

This photo of twiggy on the packaging clearly shows how the mid 1960s look was all about the eyes.

I was in the seventh grade in 1967, and I can remember getting a pair of fishnet stockings for Christmas that year.  I also got several pairs of pastel stockings, in pink and blue I think, which were worn under the fishnets.  It was a nice effect, and helped keep the legs warm.


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