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Fashion Journal – Federal Fashions at Ash Lawn-Highlands

I want to show you a little of the lovely display that is still showing at Ash Lawn Highlands in Charlottesville, Virginia through the end of October. Much of what is in the exhibit is from the collection of Mary Doering, and they did just a beautiful job of the display.

This era is so far removed from my own collecting that I always learn so much when seeing this type of display. And I just can’t help but be reminded of Miss Elizabeth Bennet, and by association, Mr. Darcy. That’s always a good thing!

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Hillsville Flea Market, 2008

You are looking at the one that got away.  I collect vintage clothing advertising, mainly print because of storage issues, but the Hollywood Vasserete girl caught my eye.  Nothing in the booth was priced (What’s with that, anyway!?) and I knew she wasn’t going to be cheap.  But I braced myself, and asked the dreaded question:  “How much?”

The moment the vendor opened his mouth I knew I was in trouble.  He talked about how much he loved her and I realized there was a bit of a personal attachment.  He finally got to “$175,”   and I countered with a sincere, “What’s your best price?”  At that he just stopped and pondered and said, “You know I just can’t sell her for any less.”

To make thing worse he went into a long story about how he usually pays good money for the things he buys, but that he had spotted her on a dealer’s $1 table at the Charlotte Metrolina Flea.  He reached out for her but another guy beat him to her.  So he waited until the other guy paid his $1 and left the booth, and then he followed him to try and buy it.  The other guy said sure, he’d sell it, but he had to at least double his money!!   That’s right, he sold it for $2.

Maybe she is worth $175, I don’t know, but if you look closely, there are cracks where her feet meet the base, and the base is very slightly warped.  So she stayed behind with a guy who loves her more than I do.

Another dealer had these great 1940s men’s Jantzen swimsuits.  Note the tags still attached!

And even more vintage goodies!

I really enjoy going to Hillsville every year, but it is an exhausting show.  There’s a lot of ground to cover, and about half of it is new junk.  Still, I always leave with some incredible treasures.

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Family Affair

I just returned from my niece’s wedding in lovely Abington, Virginia.  I traveled up with my sister and another niece, and much to Niece Amelia’s chagrin, we stopped at every junk and antique shop along the way!  Arriving in Abington, we dropped her off at our hotel and proceeded to explore the antique shops of the town, where I got really lucky: an early 1920s linen motoring coat.  Of all the small historic Southern towns I’ve visited, Abington is a favorite.  The Blue Ridge setting is gorgeous, as is the town itself.  Many of the buildings predate the Civil War and they are well preserved.  Just walking through the town, which I did this morning before breakfast, is a delight!

The wedding took place at a grand old home that is now a popular venue for such events.  It was outside, and was picture perfect.  Most of my family was able to attend, and it was just a joy spending this special time with my two brothers and my sister.  And here I am with two special nieces:

The above picture is me and niece Lauren Elizabeth, my beautiful namesake (I’m Sharon Elizabeth).  She is the sister of Bride Lindsay and was a bridesmaid.  Quote, “I’ll never wear purple again!”  Silly girl looked great in her dress!

And this is me and niece Amari, also wearing purple, also looking beautiful.  Okay, I promise this is the very last time I’m going to show my dress.  Please note the sparkly Scotty!


Posted by Joanna {sweet finds}:

your dress is lovely. I definitely think it looks better on you vs. the hanger. I am going to silver bella this year (paper/arts n’ crafts convention) & we are having a vintage prom. Your dress would fit right in. 🙂 xoxo, Joanna

Wednesday, July 16th 2008 @ 11:32 AM

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