I love hearing from like-minded persons.  If you have more information on any topic on which I’ve posted, please let me know.  I love it when the story continues.

And nothing delights me more than hearing from persons who were involved in the clothing manufacturing business in the past.  I’d love to help you tell your story, or that of your family.

I welcome your email, but please note that I am not qualified to appraise your vintage items, so please don’t ask.  I do not respond to requests for the value of an item.

I also welcome questions about your vintage items, but please keep in mind that I am one person, and I get lots of this type of email.  It helps if you are nice, not demanding, and take the time to explore my site and figure out who I am.  It really helps if you take the time to read enough of my site to know my name and use it in the greeting of your email. Depending on my mood, I do not generally respond to emails headed, “Hey, You” or any other such rude greeting.

Do not email me with a request for you to write a guest post for The Vintage Traveler™ unless I already know you or your work in the vintage or fashion fields.