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Vintage Miscellany – May 29, 2016

Thanks to Janey, I have several photos of these two women in their bathing suits.  Unfortunately, none is dated.  So how can one accurately put a date on a photo that has none?  In this case, start with the bathing suits.  The two-toned suit is quite distinctive, and it might even be possible to find a vintage ad featuring it.  Also, note that the suit on the dark suit is quite shiny. Next, examine the shoes.  The striped sandals are another identifiable item. You can’t see them very well, but the woman on the left is wearing rubber bathing shoes.  Last, look at the hair and note the scarf ties turban-style on one woman.

Any guesses?  The best I can do is early 1940s.  I looked and looked for an ad showing that two-toned suit, but came up empty.  But the plainer suit with the shiny fabric might hold a clue.  This fabric became popular in the late 1930s, and remained so into the 40s.  I got lucky with the striped sandals, and found a 1941 ad for the exact shoe.

And on to the news…



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Vintage Miscellany – May 15, 2016

If I did not know better, I’d say that is a giant smartphone in the pocket of this great circa 1917 cardigan sweater.

But it’s not, so here’s some real news for you.


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Vintage Miscellany – May 1, 2016

I recently was lucky enough to get a set of photo from fellow VFG member, Poppy’s Vintage Clothing, all of a group of women and a golf club.  Note that there is a very important element missing in the photo above – the golf ball!  It appears that the women were just posing.  I posted on Instagram that the women all looked to be too corseted to be playing golf, and was then sent a photo of a circa 1895 golfing corset.  I guess it was like the spots bra of that era.

My photos are not dated, but are 1910 or so.

I appreciate all the thoughtful comments and interesting ideas posted last week in my series on working toward a guilt-free closet.  The topic continues to be in the news.


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Vintage Miscellany – April 10, 2016

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I’m still working on looking closely at antique photographs in order to better place a date on them.  In this case I keep wavering between 1890 and 1898.  The sleeves are slightly puffed, and are too small to be from the mid 1890s when sleeves could have been filled with helium to make the wearer airborne.  That’s a joke, of course, but they were huge, puffy things.  The sleeves did begin to get smaller, with some more conservative styles like this one by 1898.

It does look like the blouse has a very high and tight collar.  This style came in around 1897

The length of the skirt, however, I’d think would be shorter by 1898.  Women played with the idea of wearing knickers while riding, but it was just too radical for most places, and so women bikers settled on a riding skirt a few inches off the ground.

So, help me decide, please.  Meanwhile, here is the news:


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Vintage Miscellany – March 27, 2016

It’s too bad all photos aren’t date stamped like this one from 1946.  It sure takes the guess-work out of evaluating a vintage photo, but then it takes some of the fun out of it as well.

This weeks news:


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Vintage Miscellany – March 13, 2016

It’s the 1940s.  If not for the big, happy smile on her face, you might suppose these women are running to escape some unknown menace.  Or maybe the water was colder than it looked and one big wave sent them scurrying for the comfort of a chenille beach cape.  Photos should come with a backstory!

And now for the news…


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Vintage Miscellany – February 28, 2016

When I look at vintage photos I’m often more intrigued by the accessories than by the garments.  In this case I’m loving the whatsit with the anchor motif.  It is probably a bag of some sort.  And that’s an interesting choice of shoe.


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