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Vintage Miscellany – January 15, 2017

Last weekend it was winter here in the South, with snow, frigid temperatures and all that.  Now we are back to that seasonless limbo in which we are forecast to have a week of 60* F plus temperatures.  If you have snow, enjoy it.



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Vintage Miscellany – January 1, 2017

My guess is that the photo above was taken around 1925.  I love how the standing girl’s outfit is an assemblage of the feminine and the masculine, with her stockings and fancy shoes, and the blouse that appears to be silk.  The girl in the wagon has better mastered the tomboy look, with her socks, vest, and tie.

And now for some news:

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Vintage Miscellany – December 18, 2016

I’m pretty sure I’ve posted this photo before, but I couldn’t find it so here she is again.  The photo is dated February, 1952, but that’s all the information I have about this very put together woman in the snow.  From her socks to the mittens to her jacket and scarf, this woman has matching down to an art.  We miss so much with vintage photos that are black and white, that it’s a treat to see one in color.

And now for the news…

Please note that you may disagree with my reporting of the Trump family’s clothing manufacturing interests, but it will not keep me from continuing to do so as long as this is an issue within our country.  For the past month, each time I’ve reported on this issue, I’ve received criticism for doing so.   This tends to derail the conversation about other important topics.  Therefore I ask that if you have comments on the matter to please address them in an email to me.  But be advised, I will not be changing my reporting policy.


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Vintage Miscellany – December 4, 2016

I found several photos of this 1920s woman on a horse.  She’s not in typical riding attire, as she could be dressed for almost any outdoor activity with her breeches and socks, and what looks to be a sweater or knit jacket.  Click on the photo to see the details a bit clearer.

And now for the news…


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Vintage Miscellany – November 20, 2016

I found this photo of the perfectly attired beach couple along with a few others from the same roll of film.  At some point I want to show all of the photos, but for now let’s just admire them the way they are admiring each other.

And in that frame of mind, here is the news:

A few words before I post the next few links:  This blog is about fashion history and fashion issues.  I have never shied away from links to sites that might make those of us who are more privileged feel uncomfortable.  I have posted links to articles that discuss the clothing of world leaders and the wives of leaders.  I have posted about abuses within the clothing manufacturing industry, both in the past and the present.  As an historian, I know that fashion and clothing are an integral part of our culture, and should not be treated as mere fluff.

In keeping with this practice, I will be posting links to articles about the president-elect that are of interest to fashion scholars.  These links all will have to do with fashion, and are not meant as a political statement.  Each reader must take each link as it is meant – to inform about fashion issues.

That said, I want to make it clear that I am very dismayed at the way the election played out, and at the events still occurring within the presidential transition.  I will continue to ask the president-elect to bring his own family’s clothing manufacturing to the USA.  You can feel free to disagree with me or with the content of any of my links, but fair warning, this blog is a place where only civil discourse will be tolerated.

And to help us all with our own personal struggles, take a listen to the Avett Brothers’ No Hard Feelings.



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Vintage Miscellany – November 6, 2016

Photos of snow are starting to show up in my Instagram feed, so I’m not really jumping the gun by posting this wintry scene.  I found this photo is a box overflowing with others, many of the same two women.  Not a single one identified them, though I could tell a lot by looking at the bits of their lives they felt was important to capture on film.  There were two little boys.  One was a ballerina.  They took skiing trips to Austria.

Of course, many other things are left to the imagination.  Were they sisters, or sorority sisters, or best friends?  Where did they live?  Were they happy?  We can only guess.

And now for the news:


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Vintage Miscellany – October 16, 2016

One of the most interesting things about this photo from the 1930s is that the original is only 1.25 inches square.  The edges are blurred, but enlarging this digitally opened up a world of detail that went undetected when viewing the original.  Still, there are so many unanswered questions.  What is the woman on the left holding?  What is the bracelet the other woman is wearing?  And most importantly, what is going on with those hats?

With images all over the internet, it is tempting to just help oneself to the goodies, but before using any image, be certain that you have the right to it.  There are so many sites today where the images are free of copyright that it is a shame that people resort to (alleged) theft.

The whole point of Instagram is to post one’s own photos, but I’m noticing more and more people are treating Instagram like Tumblr or even Pinterest, posting photos from museum sites and fashion runway shows.  The pictures are nice, and there is often great commentary, but I prefer seeing what people have going on in their own lives.  I want to see your collection, and your vacation pictures, and your dog.


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