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I maintain this journal and website because I love discussing fashion history, and I love sharing the things I find and learn. That means that I want you to use the information you get here, but at the same time, please give credit where it is due. If you use my work or images, please quote correctly and credit fuzzylizzie.com or The Vintage Traveler.   Please include a link back and email me to let me know you found my site useful. Or even better, email me beforehand and politely ask. I’ll say yes almost all the time.


Do not use my images in crafts you make to sell.

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I do not permit my work to be copied into sales listings.  You may use the information, but you must rewrite it.

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Remember, all writing and images on the internet were created by someone and are copyrighted.  Some sites encourage the free use of their images because they need you to help sell their product.  Because of this, the idea that all internet content is free has taken hold.  This simply is not true, so please be careful how you use other people’s work, and always cite your sources.


I am not an appraiser, and I’m not qualified to give you a value of your items, so please do not ask.  I am not interested in the value of objects beyond their historical value.


I feel that that reader comments are an important part of any blog.  If you have thoughts about any of my posts, please comment.  You don’t even have to agree with me.

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I do not  accept unsolicited guest posts proposals, and I do not respond to requests I receive by email.  I do have a guest poster from time to time, but for the large part I only do post exchanges with bloggers or writers with whom I actually have a working relationship.